Hong Kong - 24 hours over three days
Target audience: Training and executive outing

Organizational development

The Hong Kong organizational health work shop is best combined with your yearly strategy meeting.
What makes an organization healthy? This three day-work shop explores the fundamental questions of organizational health and the concept the five dysfunctions of a team.
Price starts at 265 USD per person
Available for 6 to 20 participants

Yangon - 3 to 5 hours
Target audience: MICE and company outings

Treasure hunt & walk rally

A modern interactive amazing race style activity in Yangon
Equipped with a tablet pc, teams have to plan their route from a large selection of locations to complete tasks. Find information, answer questions, and take pictures, all in real time! No time to relax in hassle-free Yangon during our cultural immersion tab-based Amazing Race style team building event.
Price starts at 90 USD per person
Available for 16 to 40 participants

Phuket - 3 to 3.5 hours
Target audience: MICE and company outings

Art & culture

Socialize with your team mates in this hilariously funny cooking competition and compete with opposing teams for the trophy of Phuket Top Chef.
Three rounds of cooking Thai dishes are preceded by a cooking demonstration and proceeded by a humorous judging session, whereby your culinary skills are brought to the test by a panel of Michelin-star chefs. Delegates socialize throughout the activity in a light-hearted and inspiring atmosphere.
Price starts at 83 USD per person
Available for 20 to 40 participants

Singapore - 8 hours
Target audience: MICE and company outings
In this mind-opening work-shop in Singapore, delegates discover and apply John C. Maxwell's 6 indisputable laws of team work.
Based on the wall street bestelling book the 17 indisputalbe laws of team work, this fun and inspring team building work-shop presents six simple, yet powerful concepts every manager should keep in mind when building a successful team.
Price starts at 57 USD per person
Available for 6 to 40 participants