• Rolf Graf

Fun and competitive indoor team building activities in Bangkok (13 - 20)

Updated: May 15, 2020

This blog post is the 3rd part of 101 Indoor Team Building Activities in Bangkok and we take a closer look at fun and competitive activities.

In case you have missed part I, follow the link 101 Indoor activities in Bangkok | Introduction In case you have missed part II, follow the link 101 Indoor activities in Bangkok | Activity 1-12 |Ice Breakers

Fun and competitive team building activities are ideal for MICE audience who are planning a meeting or conference in Bangkok

Sometimes all you need is a bit of fun; an element of competition and your folk will be energized for a productive day of meeting. In case you can spare 30 to 45 minutes before the start of your meeting, then schedule one ice-breaker activity plus one fun and competitive activity, for example, Chopsticks Relay, Lawn Rafting, or Ring Stack.

And if you have about 45 minutes at the end of your meeting, Back to School Relay and Soccer board are ideal cool down activities to wrap up your session.

In case your itinerary permits you for half a day of team building, go for Hado Augmented Reality, Bangkok Fizzy or School Day Hurray event themes.

You will find more information about each activity below: 13. Hado Augmented Reality is the first AR team building in Bangkok. Participants are wearing masks and sensors and must doge the virtual tasks and hit the other players. The audience can watch the spectacle on large screen and cheer when a player is hit. Hado can be done at their designated location or brought into a meeting room. For complete game play management contact Beunite at info(at)beunite.com.

14. Chopsticks Relay is a fun and slightly physical team building activity that encourages dexterity, communication and collaboration. The only equipment you need is a chopstick per person, some balls of any kind and two buckets. Place the balls inside the starting bucket and ask players to move all the balls to the end bucket without dropping the balls to the floor and by using chop sticks only. Teamwork skills are required to complete this task.

15. In Lawn Rafting, players must move from one side of the play field to the other by using a plastic sheet. Stepping on the ground is not permitted. Teams must come up with a good plan in order to accomplish this task. Due to the relatively large amount of space, it is often played outdoors. But if you have the space available, indoors is better.