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Icebreaker indoor team building activities in Bangkok (1-12)

Updated: May 15, 2020

This is the second part of the blog post 101 Indoor Team Building Activities in Bangkok, and we are going to examine twelve icebreaker activities for your upcoming meeting in Bangkok.

In case you have missed the part I and introduction please follow the link to 101 indoor team building activities in Bangkok,

Are you planning your meeting or conference in Bangkok? Are you looking for team building activities to enhance your seminar or training workshop?

Ice-breaker activities are short games or activities, ranging from 1 to 10 minutes, typically conducted in the beginning of a session.

Icebreakers are often related to the topic of the upcoming meeting, they may serve the means of reviewing a past subject, for delegates to get to know each other, or simply to make participants more comfortable for the activities that lay ahead.

There are many types of icebreakers and the most popular are team building or group interaction icebreakers. They have in common that all participants must collaborate in order to achieve the object of the game.

On the chart between low and high impact on organizational development, icebreakers are typically in the middle, they serve the purpose of enhancing the meeting, yet they do not have a long-lasting impact. Some icebreakers are very entertaining and make your audience laugh, others are more learning-oriented and participants may get to know each other on a more personal level.

For many icebreaker activities you don’t need professional facilitator, however, if you are going to enhance your meeting thoroughly with icebreakers, and choose team building activities that suit your meeting objectives, it is better to contact Beunite for consultation. Call +66 84 629 05 07 or send us an email to info(at) 1. The Ball and The Hoop is the perfect team building icebreaker for your next meeting or conference. All you need is a hoop and a ball, and a bit of space. Participants are physically engaged to let the hoop and ball travel around a circle. This activity encourages kinaesthetic learning.

2. In Balloon Snake, participants must move in step with one another connected by a balloon building a giant snake. This is more difficult than it looks at first glance and results in laughter and giggle when players are out of step and the giant snake breaks down.

3. Circle of Excellence is rather a cool-down activity than an icebreaker, and better played at the end of the meeting, conference or team building event when a certain degree of trust has already been built among the team. Participants stand in a tight circle and calling to three, must sit down. You may wonder what happens next…?

4. Human Knots is one of our most popular ice-breaker team building activities. Participants stand in a circle, facing each other, crossing arms and holding hands. Next, they need to untie the knot without letting go hands ending up in the exact same circle facing each other.

5. Line me up is a fantastic way to start your meeting or conference. It is a non-verbal communication game. No equipment is needed but a little free space. Participants get up from their chairs, must stand in a straight line according to some criteria, like first name in alphabetical order, or number of years served at their organization.

6. Zip Zap Zoom is perfect for in international meeting when delegates do not know other names. Break the group up into teams of 10, let them stand in a circle, and have one person facilitating. The facilitator stands in the middle and leads the activity. In this ice-breaker team building activity, participants learn each other’s names and try to remember them in a funny way.

7. Trust Fall has a worse reputation than it deserves, due to the movie Mean Girl and the amount of social media presence it gets. If played correctly, it is a great ice-breaker activity and makes participants smile.

8. Team Dynamics is suitable for groups who know each other a little and have established a certain degree of trust. Alternatively, it is played after Zip Zap Zoom. Participants are split into groups of 6 to 10 and first must write down some questions they want to ask to their teammates. Then, they stand in a circle and throw a tennis ball and the person to throw asks the question and the person to catch, answers it. A good way of getting to know each other on a deeper level.

9. Moonball is underrated because it is so simple. All you need is a beach ball. Teams stand in a circle and the ball is passed on from one person to the next in volleyball style, without touching the floor and without skipping a player. See how many rounds your team can do? Moonball can also serve as one of many stations in a fun & competitive half-day team building Walk Rally or Indoor Fizzy Program.

10. New Identity is best played in the beginning of a meeting or gala night. While participants walk into the meeting room, the facilitator puts a sticker with a name of a famous person on their back. Participants then walk around and must ask questions to each other, and finally find out who they are and form groups with other players of the same identity.

11. Balloon Keep Up is a high-adrenaline and a bit frantic team building activity great to shake-up your audience before the start of a boring afternoon meeting session. You should blow up one or two dozen balloons as part of your preparation. Let participants stand up and ensure no tables or chairs are nearby. Throw in the first balloon and ask players to juggle the balloons in the air, which is easy, then add more balloons until it becomes more difficult. Throw in all balloons and your participants will go crazy. Stop after a few minutes, let them check their heartbeat, ask them to sit down and let them be ready to listen to the first meeting presenter. Retention will be 200% after this ice-breaker activity.

12. Team Chant is best played as an icebreaker before a half-day or full-day competitive team building event. Players stand together and must come up with a team name and a rallying cry that incorporates their team name. Let them practice for a round or two before acting it out to their fellow teams. Playful acts, over-the top sarcasm, theatrical performances and high enthusiasm is promised all accompanied by a cheering audience.

If you are interested in reading about fun and competitive team building activities, please follow the link 101 indoor team building activities in Bangkok | Fun and Competition

For more information about Indoor Team Building Activities in Bangkok, please contact info(at) or connect to our WhatsApp +66 84 69 05 07.

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