• Rolf Graf

101 indoor team building activities in Bangkok

Updated: May 3, 2020

This is a blog team building in Bangkok in nine parts, and you will find 101 fun, engaging and meaningful indoor team building activities to improve social relationships and teamwork skills among your workforce.

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Bangkok has many things to offer, from bustling temples, over lavish shopping opportunities to a glittering nightlife. But one thing stands out above, all. Meeting hotels, MICE events, and team building opportunities.

Before we get into each specific activity, what is team building and why are so many organizations around the world doing it?

Team building is the combined effort to build relationships and camaraderie among your workforce through activities, games, training exercises and other social undertakings.

To explain team building more thoroughly and indoor team building games in particular, we have drawn a chart with two axes, an X axis and a Y axis.

On the far-left side of the X axis is relationship building and entertainment and the far-right axis is relationship and learning.

The Y axis is organizational development, if we play indoor games or engage in activities that have a direct impact on your business, the activity is on the top and if the impact on organizational development is small, it is on the bottom.

Theoretically, we should have a 3rd axis, a three-dimensional chart with a Z-axis. The Z-axis would be the impact on environment, while on one end, the impact is positive, i.e. CSR activities, or you do team building in your office and save Co2, and the other end of the spectrum is negative, i.e. you fly half-way around the world which has a large impact on global warming. But it is not practical to draw a third axis, so we have omitted it.

If we had a 4th axis, which is related to the Y axis, I would call it short impact and long impact, but I know we are losing our readers with too much technicality.

In summary, the spectrum of what you can call a team building activity is very wide, and if you ever wondered, why some call a Karaoke night a team building exercise , here on the chart you see it. Karaoke night is on thee bottom left of the grid, because it’s lots of fun but it has barely any impact on your organizational development, except that of course it builds better relationships among your workforce (if you don’t end up fighting when drunk).

Have you ever intended to attend a Thai cooking class , and you think this is a fun activity, people will enjoy it, but they will also learn some new skills? The skills they learn are cooking skills and knowledge about local plants and ingredients, but have no direct impact on your work, i.e. it doesn’t change your work-culture or you won’t be a better leader after completion, or you do not learn how prioritize your tasks at work during this workshop. So, our Top Chef activity is about in the middle between fun and learning but on the lower spectrum of the grid.