• Rolf Graf

25 Bangkok team bonding activities that rock

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Audience in meeting room looking at group performance.

Are you visiting Bangkok as part of your MICE event or are you a corporation in Bangkok looking for ideas for your upcoming team bonding event?

Team bonding is similar to team building with the difference to focus on the bond between individuals within a team. Team bonding activities typically increase trust among co-workers and improve loyalty between employees.

Team bonding activities always contain an element of getting to know oneself and each other better, on deeper personal level and may contain a second learning objective, such as improving communication skills, problem solving or creativity.

Team bonding activities are sometimes competitive, sometimes collaborative and may also include just having fun, celebrating with your team and enjoying their social company.

Team bonding activities can be short, like an ice-breaker before the start of an important meeting or conference or long, like a 3D2N overseas team bonding trip.

To make it easy for you to choose, the 25 team bonding activities and programs listed below are sorted by duration, from the shortest to the longest.

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10-minutes team bonding activities (1 to 5)

Stack attack - Stack attack is a fun party game, but requiring concentration and dexterity. Perfect for a team bonding party night.

Human knots activity - In human knots, participant must stand in a circle holding hand crossed over and untie the knots without letting go their hands.

Line me up - A great ice-breaker and team bonding activity, in which participants must stand in a straight line according to a certain criteria.

Passion tic tac toe - Nothing creates a stronger bond between individuals, than opening up to others about their emotions.

Zip Zap Zoom - This is the quintessential team bonding activity as participants must learn about each others personal data.