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6 reasons why team building in Cambodia will be popular again

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

The entire MICE and team building industry was in crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic. Flights were grounded, international travel minimized to the absolute essential and executives and rank and file staff encouraged to work from home.

Cambodia's tourism and MICE business suffered badly, especially Siem Reap, and 90% of small and medium-sized business were wiped out.

Yet, as countries carefully begin to open their borders for tourism, corporations are getting bored to work from home. The constant isolation and having nearly zero human contact, has taken a big toll on their performance.

Corporations are willing to travel again, and executives ready to bond with their fellow colleagues on a more intimate level than was possible during the pandemic.

With 3 international airports and plenty of excellent meeting hotels, Cambodia has many more aces up their sleeves. Be it cost-competitiveness, cultural attractions, natural beauty or a buzzing nightlife, Cambodia will once again be on the center of the international MICE travel map.

So why should you travel to Cambodia for your upcoming meeting or team building event? What makes Cambodia so enormously attractive?

  1. Angkor Wat is still the number one attraction in Cambodia, and Siem Reap, although still dead at the moment, is slowly recovering like a patient just out of the intensive care unit. By Q3 2021, MICE travel to Siem Reap will be possible again (with or without a vaccine passport), and why not giving yourself this little cherry on the cake, and engage your staff in a fun and meaningful Angkor Wat Amazing Race. The Mystery of Angkor is a puzzling scavenger hunt for small groups exploring Angkor Wat by mountain bike.

  2. Did you know that you can charter one of the Angkor Temples just for your own group to host your theme dinner in this stunning 13th century setting?. The site is breathtakingly lit with 10,000 candles, and your dinner is accompanied by traditional Cambodian dances.

  3. Cambodia is still one of the poorest countries on earth and the rural population does not benefit from the economic growth as people in cities do. Therefore, your upcoming meeting or team building event in Cambodia will cost you considerably less than if you organized the same thing in Singapore or Hong Kong. How about you spend some of the money that you save in educational, or environmental projects? Or how about you organize a CSR team building at Angkor Kids Center in Siem Reap? The event venue can be reached in less than 40-minutes drive from the city.

  4. Phnom Penh is one of the best host cities for your upcoming international meeting. You can fly in your executives from Bangkok, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City or Hong Kong just as easily as you can travel around the city. The relatively small population. and a city center easily explored on foot, makes Phnom Penh perfect for our upcoming scavenger hunt or Amazing Race.

  5. The islands in the South of Cambodia like Koh Rong or Koh or Koh Rong Salaem or easily accessible from Sihanoukville, another marvel of a MICE and team building destination. Why not surprise your team with a Survivor Style adventure, a Robinson Crusoe with Raft Building, overnight stay in tents and trekking through the jungle. Raft Building challenges and Trekking adventures are also available in Siem Reap and it's surrounding National Parks.

  6. Cambodia is also the perfect destination to bring your team up to speed, to develop communication, problem-solving skills and creativity. In regards to business training, leadership courses, executive development workshops and team work skills training programs, Cambodia has a lot to offer. Surprise your team with a Five Dysfunctions program, or improve your meeting effectiveness with the Six Thinking Hats workshop.

For more information about team building in Cambodia, please contact us at +66 84 629 05 07 or send us an email to info(at)

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