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7 reasons you should visit Phuket's Naka Noi island for your upcoming team building event

Naka Noi island areal view
Visiting Naka Noi island is the perfect team building get-away just 15-minutes off Phuket

Traveling for team building events and reducing Co2 Levels is not a contradiction.

Covid-19 pandemic has caused havoc to Thailand's tourism industry but it was a bliss to the the wildlife and nature.

Two years of nearly zero tourists has given the marine life a break and time to recover. Sea turtles are returning to lay eggs on the beaches, and wildlife species were discovered that have been considered extinct twenty years ago. The air is cleaner due to less air traffic and people worked from home, reducing the amount of commuting.

After Covid restrictions have been eased, individuals as well as corporate groups want to travel again, and team building events are back on the tables of executive teams. Hopefully, they do this on a more responsible way compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Global warming and sea level rise is still an issue and will be more in the coming years, and there is a serious conflict of interest between reducing Co2 emissions and meeting your team in person for networking purposes, to build trust, camaraderie and establish bonds that were lost during years of lock-down.

Those executives who want to align the two objectives (reducing Co2 level and building a stellar team), should consider our carbon offset program, a scientifically tested, trustworthy, and ecologically friendly way to mitigate the negative effects of travel. Download our carbon offset PDF for more information.

Google Map of Naka Noi Island
Naka Noi Island can be reached in 45 minutes from Phuket international airport

So why travel to Phuket's Naka Noi island for team building?

  1. The Phuket sandbox scheme was successfully introduced six week's ago and more destinations in Thailand will follow suit. Phuket has relatively lax travel restrictions, a no-quarantine policy for double vaccinated travelers, cheap accommodation due to an overabundance of luxury resorts, empty departure and arrival hall. That means, air travel is a joy again, fast, efficient and with priceworthy promotions.

  2. Naka Noi is like paradise on earth, with clean water, great beaches, sumptuous seafood and a great background venue for outdoor team building activities.

  3. Naka Noi, as above picture depicts, is can be reached from the airport in just 45 minutes. That includes a half-hour mini-van drive and a 15-minute speed boat trip.

  4. Naka Noi island is relatively unknown, with deserted beaches, and most corporate groups prefer the more popular Coral Island in the South of Phuket for their team building.

  5. For those whose stomachs are not seaworthy (including mine), prefer a short speed-boat ride. The Andaman Sea can be rough at times and not all feel comfortable being quenched into a speed boat.

  6. Naka Noi can be reached in just 15 minutes from the main land and should be reduced as much as possible. If you compare Co2 emissions, cruise ships are the worst, following by speed boats and air travel. So. if you visit an island as part of your team outing or team event, visit Naka Noi.

  7. Naka Noi has shallow beaches, and shallow sea, with calm lagoons and stretches of white, sandy beach. This makes it more than suitable for our Raft Building challenge. Take your employees to the test and make them step out of their comfort zone for an afternoon. Assess their team work and personality and find out well newly recruits fit into your team.

Raft building activity
Put your team to the test and let them step out of their comfort zone by building a raft

Team building activity rope stretcher
Ice break activities on the beaches of Phuket

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