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Adventure Team building at Lilawalai Khao Yai with Atlas Copco


Beunite organized the kick-off meeting and team building event for Atlas Copco in Thailand's Khao Yai National Park from 11th to 13th January 2017. Khao Yai is located approx. 150 km North of Thailand's capital Bangkok. It was the forth consecutive year that Beunite organized Atlas Copco's company outing in Thailand or other countries in South-East Asia.

The group of about 50 people stayed at Lilawalai Resort, a fantastic adventure team building venue, with 625,000 square meter of land ideal for outdoor activities and walk rallies.

The company outing started with a 1.5-day meeting and conference, where internal issues were discussed and strategic decisions were made. The adventure team building was scheduled on day 2 and 3 of the conference.

70 delegates from Atlas Copco meet at Lilawalai Khao Yai Resort for their annual outing.

Theoretical survivor game

The team building event started on Thursday, 12th January at 1 p.m.  with the theoretical survivor game. First, a team leader was selected by each team.  In theoretical survivor, delegates were put into a hypothetical situation of a plane crash.

Out of 20 items for every day survival, the team had to discuss and decide 10 items that were most useful in case of a emergency landing in the middle of a forest. The group could keep the 10 items and use them in the activities to come.

Items for survival included matches, newspaper, candles, cloth towel, spade and many more.

Once the 10 items were selected, the teams were asked to decide on a spot to build their tent.

Beunite facilitator give instructions before the theoretical survivor game.

Camp building competition

Prior to the start of the event, each team was assigned a bungalow. The bungalows were used to store luggage, for toilet and shower and as an emergency shelter in case of thunderstorm.

In camp building competition, each team was given a key to unlock one of the bungalows . Inside the bungalows were the following items:

  • Tents

  • Mats

  • Sleeping bags and

  • Pillows

  • Plastic sheets

  • BBQ stove

  • Charcoal

Teams carried the items to their designated spot, and in addition, could use as much bamboo as they wanted to build their camp.

The objective was to build a camp and a tribal identity. The objective of the identity building was to come up with a team chant and a team identity represented by face painting or flag with their tribal name or symbol.

The judging criteria of this team building activity were the follows:

  • Camps had to be sturdy in case of wind and rain

  • Camps had to consist of a sleeping quarter (tent), a fire place for cooking and a community area for meetings, meals and socializing.

  • Each team leader was assigned 2 minutes to present their camp. The winning team was served ice cold beer and coke, watched by the other teams in amusement.

Teams must build their camp with bamboo and natural material.

Team building activity - Gate building

In gate building, teams were provided with bamboo, paint, a large piece of white cloth, rope and string.

The objective was tho build a central gate to protect the community from intruders. The picture here depicts the banner hand drawn with Atlas Copco Logo.

The main picture on the blog shows the final gate with teams lined up for photo shooting.

In gate building, delegates build a wooden structure with a banner nicely decorated with Balloons.

Market stall activity

In market stall, 60 different food and beverage items were laid out and nicely price-tagged on the market stall (on tables in the sala). Teams were handed out 160 USD of play money and could collect as much ingredients as they had money for. To do this, they had to discuss what meals they wanted to cook and strategy and planning was of utmost importance.

Once a team run out of money, ingredients were taken back to the camp to and cooking commenced.

The market stall activity was explained by experienced and charismatic Beunite team.

Team building cooking competition

In cooking competition, teams had to create a dish of their choice with the ingredients collected in the market stall activity and cooked on a simple BBQ stove. Delegates unleashed their creative cooking skills and presented wonderful dishes.

Judging was by peer-to-peer vote according to the following criteria:

  • Timing

  • Taste

  • Garnish

  • Variety

In timing, it was of utmost importance that the food was ready on time, in this case 6 p.m. This criteria as well as variety was judged by Beunite facilitators. In taste and garnish, team leaders of each team tasted each others dishes and voted for the best one. An average of the four criteria was calculated to decide the winning team.

Team yellow was the winning team who presented a perfectly cooked Tom Yum Bla (Fish in Sweet and Sour Chili Soup)

Team yellow during their outdoor cooking competition.

Atlas Copco's got talent

At 9 p.m., delegates gathered at the large fire place for their final activity of the day: Atlas Copco's got talent. The atmosphere was fantastic. Each team had to come up with a piece of performance, max. 2-3 minutes long. Two teams chose a song, two a short sketch and the last two teams where preforming a song. Especially the sketch resulted in great amusement among the delegates.

Meeting place was giant bonfire.

Walk Rally team building in Khao Yai / Thailand (day 2)


For the team building activity on 13th January, teams remained the same. Delegates gathered on the campground where they spent the previous night for the activity briefing.

In order to win the 2017 Atlas Copco Walk Rally team building activity, teams had to complete 10 challenges in six stations scattered around the resort.

  1. Walking ski

  2. Cardboard boat racing

  3. Spider web

  4. Bamboo platform

  5. Islands

  6. Bamboo snake

  7. Bamboo point

  8. Toxic waste

  9. Moon ball relay

  10. Tropical fruit box

A map with locations was handed out to each team leader and teams planned their route prior to the start of the game.

Upon completion of a challenge, flower garlands were handed out which were later counted to determine the winning team.

Team leader of team blue collected the most flower garlands and consequently team blue was announced the winning team and received a prize. This was accompanied by frantic cheers from their team members and supporters.

Below please see description of each activity:

Walking ski

In walking ski, delegates are given five-people tandem skis and must cross from the starting line about 30 meters to the finishing line. The objective is to get all people in their team from the start to the finish. The encourages tactical thinking, creativity, problem solving and a lot of team work. Only once the team has accomplished this task, can they collect a flower garland and continue the race.

In walking ski, teams must coordinate their movements to cross the playfield from start to finish.

Cardboard boat racing competition

In cardboard  boat racing, teams are given cardboard, a sheet of plastic and plenty of tape. Teams must construct a cardboard boat and carry one person from one side of the swimming pool to the other. This often results into hilariously funny capsizing scenarios as shown in our main VDO. During the cardboard boat building phase, teams unleash their planning, collaboration, creativity and problem solving skills. There is only one attempt at this station, and should the team fail, they will have to continue without the garland.

In cardboard boat racing, teams must first build a boat from cardboard, then cross the pool from one side to the other

Spider web

Spider web is a collaborative team building activity. Teams must slip through the net without touching any particular spider thread (ropes). If a thread is touched, the person must start over again. This team building activity encourages body contact, dexterity and problem solving. To objective is to get the entire team through the net. Once accomplished this task, the team collects a flower garland and carry on the race.

Teams in action during the spider web team building activity

Bamboo platform

In bamboo platform, teams are provided with several pieces of ready-to-build bamboo, string and cutters. The objective is to build a platform minimum 1 meter above ground to support the entire team (in case of Atlas Copco - 10 people). This team building activity requires lots of planning skills and workmen's ship. Should the construction collapse, delegates fall on the floor which results in laughter (but no accidents).

Teams must build a one-meter tall bamboo structure to support the entire team.


Islands is an interactive and captivating team building activity. Car tires are placed on the ground in zick-zack course. On each end of the course is either start or finishing line.

Teams are given two planks of wood and the objective is to cross from the starting line to the finishing line, without stepping off the tires.

If just one person steps off the tire, the entire team must return to the start and try another attempt to complete this challenge.

The island team building activity requires planning, strategy, problem solving and leadership skills. The team who has completed the islands challenge may collect a flower garland and continue in the race.

In Islands, teams must cross from one side to the other without stepping off the planks and tires.

Bamboo snake

In bamboo snake team building activity, there is a starting and finishing line about 25 meters apart. Teams must stand in pairs opposite each other holding a bamboo pole and building a snake. In a snake-like move, people from the tail of the snake must cross to the head of the snake, never touching the ground. This activity is great for young and energetic delegates, an ego-booster displaying physical strength, dexterity and team work.

Bamboo snake, a hilariously funny but physical team building activity

Bamboo point

In this interactive and engaging team building activity, teams must cross over a bamboo pole while holding hands at all times. Should a member of the team step off the bamboo, the entire team must return to the start. Once accomplished, the team leader collects a flower garland and the entire team continues the race.

Body movement, collaboration and team work is required to complete the Bamboo point.

Toxic waste

Toxic waste is a well known team building activity. It was used by the US Army as a nuclear disaster case study for problem solving skills.  The scenario is as follows: A can of toxic waste must securely be poured into a catch basin and stored inside a decomposition chamber.

The ring signifies the radioactive zone, the tennis balls inside the bucket in the middle of the ring is the toxic waste. The zone outside the ring is the decomposition chamber. The bucket outside the ring is the catch basin. The only equipment of use is a ball of string and a bicycle inner tube. It requires team work and collaborative effort to pour the radioactive waste into the catch basin.

In Toxic Waste, teams must empty a can without touching it.

Moon ball relay

In moon ball relay, two buckets are placed approx. 30 meters apart. In one bucket there are 10 beach balls (uninflated) and the other bucket is empty. Teams must blow up the balls one at the time and carry them to the empty basket, without touching the balls by hand. The balls must be above ground at all times. Only once all balls are in the other basket, may the team continue to the next station.

A giant inflatable ball is passed around the circle in moon ball team building activity

Tropical fruit box

Tropical fruit box is an interactive team building activity to encourage communication and strategy. There are 10 types of tropical fruit inside the box and by only touching, delegates must figure out the name of the fruits. Delegates must take turn and only once all fruits are correct, may the team continue in the race to the next station.

By just touching the items in the box, teams must guess the name of the fruits.


This team building event was a huge success and appreciation was given to Beunite and its team. The event was physical, probably on the limit for some of the delegates but definitely a rewarding experience. For more information about team outings in Khao Yai, please visit our product page:

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