• Martin Lavis

Amazing Race team building in Cha am / Hua Hin with Novaway

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Beunite organized an Amazing Race for 70 people from France on the 16th January 2020 around Cha-am and Hua Hin. This popular Thai beach resort can be reached by a three-hour drive from Bangkok. For this fun and exciting team building in Thailand event with tuk-tuks, 65 Delegates were split into nine teams of seven.

The client had requested this team building event to be facilitated in French and Beunite enlisted the services of well known French team building in Thailand facilitator Benjamin Conrazier to assist with translation of all documents and to arrange for a French speaking MC for the event.

Delegates all met at 8.30am in the meeting room, they received a full briefing in French on this team building in Hua Hin event focusing on the format, challenges and locations. Next they were shown how to use the Line app which had been pre loaded with each teams location order and challenges. They practiced how to send messages, take photos and record video which would make up the scoring criteria of the day and decide the winning team. Once they had got used to the Line app, teams were allocated their team colors and assisted by our English speaking Thai team to board their transportation for this team building excursion which started from the lobby of Verandah Resort & Villas Hua Hin Cha am. Each team traveled by traditional Tuk Tuk and there were 3 Tuk Tuks per team waiting to take the teams to their first team building locations.

The group was split around the Cha-am area, starting at one location and then rotating over five team building locations before heading for lunch at Meekaruna Restaurant in Hua Hin.

The five locations were:

Wat Cha am Khiri

King Nausereun Statue

Cha-am Beach Road

Cha am ATV Park

Mrigadayavan Palace

At each location teams had to complete a team building challenge and submit their answers using the Line app to our French facilitator at the hotel who upon receiving their answers updated our scoring sheet. Team building Challenges included finding answers to questions, completing team tasks, sending team photos and videos.

Wat Cha am Khiri