• Rolf Graf

Koh Samui Amazing Race with Graco on

Time to board your off-road 4 by 4 vehicles and be ready to start your exhilarating team building event on Koh Samui. Be competitive, be creative, experience local life, have a sense of adventure and learn about local culture in our chase of a race around Koh Samui and stop the clock first! With a mix of cultural and activity location challenges, Amazing Chase Samui is the perfect event for teams looking for a competitive event whilst experiencing local life and visiting some of the most well-known sites on the island!

On the 28th March 2014, 40 delegates from Graco International a well-known fluid design solutions organization did just that and chose the Amazing Chase Samui organized by Beunite, for a mix of western and Asian delegates from a variety of locations around the world. The participants experienced a full morning of local culture and intrigue with plenty of team tasks whilst enjoying lighter moments as during the challenges and travel around the island, by off-road vehicles.

The Location:

The location was the beautiful tropical island of Koh Samui, departing from their chosen hotel Vannabelle (part of the Sheraton group), Graco delegates travelled on set routings, racing each to complete the challenges and score as many time bonuses as possible along the way.

The Schedule:

08.30 – 08.45 – Event briefing, allocation of facilitators, team colors and team materials 08.45 – Challenge 1 – Solve the cryptic clues to reveal the locations of the challenges and pinpoint on a map, once compete, the teams were free to leave and embark on the Amazing Chase race!

08.45 – 12.30 – Teams raced to complete as many of the challenges in the time allowed and aimed to arrive back at Vannabelle within the allotted time frame. 12.30 – 13:00 – Event de-brief, reviewing performance, awarding prizes.

The Program:

A mixture of cultural, activity and adventure team building challenges, had been hand-picked and organized at a variety of spot and scenic locations around the island, allowing the participants to enjoy the event and experience the stunningly beautiful views and scenery of Koh Samui, an amazing team building event location! The group of 40 participants were divided into 4 teams, put on their team colors and prepared for the challenges that awaited them. First, they received pictures of the locations with cryptic clues to solve to try to pinpoint the places on the island map.

Once this had been completed they were free to leave the start point and head out on the pre-set routings and to the first challenge locations. Graco had selected a full mixture of cultural, activity and adventure challenges which a high priority for the client, and each challenge had to be completed to move on in the race, with some such as rifle shooting awarding extra time bonuses for the highest score. Teams departed from the hotel and were sent in various directions, traveling along the same course which included crossing over at the highest point of the island before descending to the other side.

The Cultural challenges

Experiencing local life and culture is a big part of the Amazing chase event on Koh Samui and we arranged three such activities which required full team participation and interaction with the locals.

Rhythm is the answer – Teams were set the task of learning a classic Thai long drum music rhythm and then with the assistance of the expert music teacher perform the piece to perfection within the allotted time. Participants took part on this activity with real sense of enjoyment, playing with the various drums and percussion instruments and evening dancing, each team completed this challenge successfully.

Spice up your life – Papaya Salad or Som tum as it is known in Thailand, is the world-famous spicy salad for which the country is known for, eaten by many Thais, (religiously every day by some) it is a concoction of many fresh ingredients, with a serious touch of spice! Teams were set the task of making this salad, by following an instruction card and presenting it to our Somtam making expert, Khun Tong, who scored each teams plate, based on taste and eat ability put of 10. Key to making a good som tam, are the amounts of fish sauce, lime, salt, and chilies that you add, generally the spicier it tastes the better. Every team performed this challenge admirably with everyone scoring at least 8 out of 10, and the best team was awarded 9 ½, for which they received a time bonus, plus everyone got to eat some of their own creation.

Market Barter – Thai’s love markets, and the like a bargain and in traditional culture, bartering down the price i