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Bangkok Indoor team building "The cohesive team" with Ascott International

Beunite conducted a fun and educational team building program with Ascott International in Bangkok on 8th June 2019. Forty participants from the sales office took part in this training program.

Beside getting the participant to feel as a tight-knit team, the objective were improving communication, planning, strategy, and delegation skills.

Apple and Tan, our young and motivational team building facilitators led the program with enthusiasm and skill. Some activities were facilitated by Sam and Vanleat, our Cambodian team, who visited Thailand as part of their training.

The program consisted of a total 16 activities, nine team building games in the morning and seven activities in the afternoon.

The agenda

09:00 Ice breakers Jump, Line me up (non-verbal communication) Transporters.

09:15 Minefield (non-verbal communication).

10:00 Tower of Hanoi (problem solving & communication)

10:45 Coffee Break

11:00 Energizer – Human Knots

11:10 Islands

12:00 Balloon keep up and Balloon Balance (planning, problem solving, communication)

12:30 Lunch.

13:15 Afternoon Energizer – The ball and the hoop

13:30 Team name, dance and chant – (Creativity and teamwork)

14:00 Blindfold Puzzle (problem solving & communication)

14:30 Ring Stack

15:00 Coffee break

15:15 Magic Pyramid

15:45 Back to school relay race

16:15 Announce the winning team

16:30 Ascott ‘We are one team’ creative activity’

17:00 End of the event

The program was well-designed by our new director of sales and marketing. There was a good mix between light-hearted, fun and competitive activities, ice-breakers and energizers, and more serious, problem-solving games which required a debriefing. Although the program was a bit long, and participants were tired at the end of the day, the feed-back from the client was exceptional. One thing to improve is to perhaps make the program a bit shorter, to remove one or two activities from the program and to focus a bit more on the debriefing at the end of the important activities.

To see all pictures from this event on google photos, please click on below image.

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