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Ancient Siam temple scavenger hunt

Teams explore one of the worlds’ most magnificent cultural sites on a heart beating race against the clock.

Chiang Mai is home to about 300 Buddhist temples, the highest temple density of any city around the world.

This treasure chest of history and local culture is the backdrop for a team building event of a different kind:

In ancient Siam, MICE delegates are split into teams and each team is given some clues to the story to complete. Clues come from of snippets of photographs.

“The team’s mission is to pinpoint 10 of the city’s most significant Buddhist temples, while following a story of murder and intrigue. “

Just like Buddhist monks, teams travel on foot within the city walls going back in time to the glory past of the Ancient City.

Their navigation- and problem-solving skills is put to the test as detectives of the ancient Siam.

During this team building event in Chiang Mai, teams explore Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Pra Sing and Wat Prasat and many other stunning Buddhist temples.

The team who first completes its mission, solves the riddle and completes all challenges is the winning team.

It is recommended that briefing and debriefing is held in the hotel’s meeting room. Transportation to / from the hotel to the event venue can be arranged by mini-van or coach.

Sample schedule:

  • 08:00 Delegates meet in the meeting room

  • 08:15 Ice breaker team building activity

  • 08:30 Delegates are split into teams. Event brief and hand out of mission.

  • 08:45 Teams plan and strategize

  • 09:00 Depart by mini-van to ancient site (or on foot depending on the hotel location)

  • 09:30 Ancient Siam treasure hunt

  • 11:30 Return to meeting room

  • 12:00 Debriefing. Announce winning team and hand out prizes. Photo shooting.

  • 12:30 End of event

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