• Rolf Graf

Corporate social responsibility program with Mitrapap 70 school

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

48 meeting delegates from China visit Mitrapap 80 school and engage in meaningful and philanthropic renovation activities.

Delegates met at the lobby of Oriental Hotel at 07.30 a.m., ready to be part of this CSR adventure. A double-decker bus is organized to take the group from downtown Bangkok to Amphawa, 90 km South of Bangkok. The journey took 90 minutes and the group was taken care of well by Yui, the young and enthusiastic tour guide. Local snack and drinks were served inside the bus.

Delegates from Zung Fu China in the lobby of Oriental Hotel at 07:00 a.m.

Meeting delegates are entereing the bus

Arrival at the school

Arriving at Mitrapap 70 school, delegates were received by a concert played by the students with bamboo instruments. Delegates were overwhelmed by the hospitality and courteousness of the teachers and the children. The group met under the large Sala for an introduction speak by Apple, Beunite’s lead facilitator.

Students from Watrontham Mittraparb school playing on bamboo instruments

Teachers and students welcoming the Chinese participants at the school

First activity – Brainstorming children’s games.

The first CSR activity of the day was brainstorming children’s games. 48 delegates were split into 4 teams and each team were had to come up with an idea of how to turn the old, washed out children’s game that was painted on the school yard into a new, shine, attractive and funny game. Here, teams had a chance to be creative and to work in teams. Some teams tested their idea and the students who were standing around watching joined in enthusiastically. Each team came up with some great ideas, team “red” for instance, suggested to game “Dragon Head”, whereby kids had to line up holding each other’s shoulders and the head of the snack had to catch the tail of another snake. This game was hilariously funny and the kids of course unanimously voted for the red team.