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Drinking champagne on a self-constructed raft in Hua Hin

A fun and meaningful raft building team exercise for corporate groups

A person holding a bottle of champagne in the air in the middle of the sea
L'Oréal team successfully completed the team building challenge and opened a bottle of Perrier-Jouët on the raft about 100 meters out in the sea.

Have you ever thought about visiting Hua Hin as part of your company week-end, team outing, corporate get-away, meeting or team building event?

Hua Hin, a small seaside resort, just 200 km South of Bangkok, offers stunning beaches, sumptuous seafood, a large variety of accommodation for both individual travelers and corporate groups as well as plenty of activities for teams away from home, like team building, fishing, hiking in the national park, visiting temples and many more.

The best stretch of beach is undoubtedly from Hilton to Marriot, with Centara Grand in between.

Our group of 10 executives from L'Oréal Thailand stayed at Marriott, a five-star resort with super friendly staff. state of the art meeting facilities.

This picture shows Marriott Hua Hin from areal view.
Marriott Hua Hin, a fantastic hotel for team building groups and week-end get-aways.

The first day was arrival, check-in and lunch, followed by the raft building exercise.

The objective was to build a floatable raft for 10 participants, using bamboo, plastic strips, plywood, inflatable truck inner tubes and rope.

Group pictures of corporate group from Bangkok in front of a fully built raft on the beach of Hua Hin
Group is happy after attaching the inflated truck inner tubes to the bottom of the raff, which was the final step before testing the raft in the sea.

The raft as been pre-constructed with numbers attached to each piece, so participants could assemble it like a jigsaw puzzle, due to the time constraints of only 90 minutes. Were creativity was needed, was how to attached the inner tubes to the foundation of the raft.

The picture shows a person attaching to pieces of plywood to each other in order to construct a raft
The group director is taking the lead of assembling the raft. Leading by doing.

Participants showed fun, dedication but with an easy going attitude, and lots of informal networking during the event, which was an important as aspect of the team building.

Corporate group standing on the beach of Hua Hin, talking and having a good time.
Informal chit-chat, networking and getting to know each other on a personal level was one of the objectives of this team building.

After about 1.5 hours, the raft was fully fixed, and ready to test. What a relieve, it was not only floating, but floating well.

A group picture of a corporate group in front of a raft on the beaches of Hua Hin
Team building group is happy and posing for a group picture after finishing construction of the raft.

Hua Hin at this time of the year sometimes have high waves, and we were lucky just experiencing knee high waves. Still, it was a challenge to steer the raft outside of the shallow waters into deep sea.

Teams a jubilant after reaching the buoy with their self-constructed raft.
Picture shows a corporate group on a raft

The group successfully reached the buoy, attached the raft to the buoy and opened the bottle of Champagne. A cheer broke out when the objective was reached and executives enjoyed the time on the raft drinking Perrier-Jouët.

CEO pours Perrier-Jouet into a cup to share with his executives.
What a joy drinking champagne after a successful team building event on the beach of Hua Hin

Evening was at leisure and program on the second day was indoor leadership training with Rob Davies.

For more information about our raft building events, as well as leadership training, please download our brochure or contact us under or +66 84 629 05 07 (WhatsApp).

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