• Rolf Graf

Hybrid team building in Bangkok

How to organize s successful hybrid team building event in Bangkok

Hybrid meetings are in trend, yet not much has been published about hybrid team building events.

Hybrid meetings are meetings with two components, an on-site component and an off-site component. The off-site participants join the meeting online.

And the same concept applies to hybrid team building events.

The Corona virus pandemic that spread around the world in the 1st half-year of 2020 has made it difficult to travel in large numbers. Most countries have induced travel restrictions and some, like Thailand, have introduced a maximum numbers of attendees for any kind of business events, meetings or team building workshops.

Therefore, organizations shift their strategy and organize team building events with a smaller number of attendees than usual.

If you want to attend a team building event with 100 people, yet only 30 are allowed to physically meet, then a hybrid team building event comes in handy, because the off-site component (remaining 70 participant) can attend online and be kept engaged.

So what type of team building activities are perfect for a hybrid event?

1. Team Building events that are geared towards skills development, they usually take place in the meeting room and have a clear learning objective.

Examples are Learning With Fun, 360-Degree Feed Back program, Team Building and Intercultural Relationships, Team Building with DISC, Creativity in an age of disruptive innovation, The Six Thinking Hats, and many more.

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During these programs, the online participants can be engaged nearly 100% of the time and interact with the trainer and the classroom audience.

In fact, the online attendee in this case is nearly more important then the on-site attendees. During experiential learning activities, the online attendee can watch, re-play, watch again, analyze, take notes, and finally present the on-site attendees with valuable feed-back.