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Indoor Team Building Activities in Bangkok to Improve Communication & Problem-solving skills (59-69)

Updated: May 15, 2020

This is the 7th part of our blog series 101 indoor team building activities in Bangkok and we are take a closer look at 10 activities to improve communication and problem-solving skills.

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Are you traveling to Bangkok for your yearly conference or meeting? Are you going to celebrate your 20th anniversary with a big celebration in the city of angels? Are you thinking of choosing Bangkok for your team bonding event? Or are you an organization in transition, and you are looking for a venue to improve teamwork skills, communication, and problem-solving skills? Well, then this blog post is perfect for you.

Every organization has its challenges, and inter-department communication and problem-solving skills of your workforce are usually on the top of the agenda. So, why are communication and problem-solving skills so important? And why should you travel to Bangkok to attend a team building workshop?

Due to its large selection of indoor venues, Bangkok is perfect for your upcoming indoor team building programs, and on top, the city offers the visitor a great shopping, culinary and cultural experience.

In a recent survey on, CEOs rank communication and problem-solving skills as the most important skills to be developed.

If communication is bad within your organization, especially cross-departmental communication, then the development of silos is unavoidable. And silos destroy your organizational culture. If your co-workers see problems everywhere and they are unable to fix them, then they are either not empowered, which is an organizational culture problem, or they do not possess the problem-solving skills. More on developing organizational culture on blog post 6

Communication and problem solving goes together (and creativity to a certain degree), because without efficient communication, organizational problems cannot be solved.

In this blog post 101 indoor team building activities in Bangkok, we present you with activities that all entail problems to solve. Those problems can only be solved by communicating efficiently. In the debriefing, a Beunite facilitator challenges the teams and gives input and suggestion of how improve their skills.

59. In Blindfold Puzzle, participants are divided into groups of about five to 8 and are given a giant puzzle to complete. The players who assemble the puzzle must be blindfolded, the players who give instructions must not touch the puzzle pieces and are required to communicate precisely. A team that communicates well, completes this activity in about 10 minutes.

60. Toxic Waste. In this problem solving and communication game, players must decompose an imagined canister of toxic waste into the decomposition chamber. Equipment available are string and rubber bands. In order to complete this imagined nuclear disaster challenge, players must be creative, think outside the box and collaborate well.

61. In Helium Stick, players must stand in a straight line facing each other and point their index fingers horizontally. A PVC is placed on their fingers. Now participants must lower the stick to the ground without losing touch. This is more difficult than it seems at first glance and unless coordination is perfect, the stick tends to float upwards.

62. In Lego Prego, team must create a Legoland according to the instructor’s topic. The topic could be meeting related, workshop related, or related to the company’s mission vision or values. Lego Prego is particularly suitable to visualize vision. Team leaders will present their piece of art as part of the debriefing. For high-budget groups, Lego Prego can be played with Giant Lego blocks. More information about Rock with Block program.

63. Weigh Order is a blindfolded communication game, whereby players must arrange a series of bottles from the lightest to the heaviest. Players who collaborate particularly well, complete this challenge in about five minutes.

64. Domino Chain Reaction is not only for children, it is also a fantastic team building game for adults. It is most awe-inspiring for large groups with 200 participants upwards or for teams who want to break the world record. The group is divided into smaller teams, and each team is assigned an area with tables and connectors. Each team makes their own domino chain reaction, however, must connect their row of dominoes with another team’s row and so on, till all teams are connected. Domino chain reaction requires precision teamwork, clear communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

65. Tower of Hanoi is a problem-solving and team communication activity par excellence. In the strategy phase, the group is split into smaller teams, and each team must figure out how to move a set of blocks from the first playfield to the last by obeying some rules. During the competition phase, players must alternate to move one block at a time in a relay fashion.

66. Minefield is a classic team building activity to promote non-verbal communication and problem solving skills. Participants are typically split into 4 teams, and each team must try to cross a maze from one side to the other. Stepping on the wrong square means going back to the start. Minefield is a great activity for a DISC seminar and workshop because the behavioural profile of the players is can well be observed.

67. Rope stretcher. In rope stretcher, teams must collect a series of colourful balls without stepping inside the playfield. This can be achieved by building a stretcher with rope and carrying one person of the team inside the playfield to collect the balls. More difficult than it seems at first glance.

68. Customized puzzle with a message. Prior to facilitating this activity, Beunite suggests a message that is suitable to the client’s topics and comes up with a design. Upon approval, Beunite prints the customized puzzle with 100, 200 or 500 pieces. In the beginning of the activity, participants are split into teams and each team is given the puzzle. The first team who completes the puzzle will receive a prize. The debriefing focuses on communication and strategy, giving the participants the chance to talk about how they have organized their team. At the end of the activity, the CEO or head of department will talk a bit about the message and the importance of having the team aligned toward a common goal.

69. Transporters. In transporters, participants must bring a series of balls from one side of the playfield to the other with the help of PVC pipes but without touching the balls. In the beginning of the activity there is a bit of a frenzy and it takes a while till the participants are organized in a manner that this challenge can be completed.

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