• Rolf Graf

Indoor team building activities in Bangkok for your theme dinner and party night (26 – 44)

Updated: May 15, 2020

This blog post is the 5th part of 101 indoor team building activities in Bangkok and you will be introduced to 18 activities for your upcoming company celebration.

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3rd part – 101 indoor team building activities in Bangkok | Fun and Competition 4th part – 101 indoor team building activities in Bangkok | Stepping out of your comfort zone Are you planning your 10-year company anniversary, a theme dinner as part of your meeting or conference, or do you celebrate an outstanding year-end financial statement?

Then Bangkok is a great place for organizing your party night for any budget. Is this celebration incredibly special for your organization? Then how about you charter a sports-bar, organize your event at a hip and trendy surf-outlet, impress your team with a fancy roof-top restaurant or hire a traditional Thai house with lush garden?

Anything is possible for any budget. For the mid-range budget, why not hire a meeting room at one of the top 5-star hotels like Amari Watergate, Hilton Millennium or Sofitel Sukhumvit? For a limited budget, you could travel outside Bangkok to Bang Saen (Chonburi), and stay at the Tide Resort or travel to Amphawa and stay at the Lumpawa Amphawa Resort , or rent a meeting room in one of the three or four star hotels in Bangkok, like Aloft, Pathumwan Princess Hotel, or Ibis. Are you looking for team building activities that suit your theme dinner, then go no further and check out the 18 activities below?

Activity 26 to 44 are all fun and entertaining and geared towards a party and theme night. 26. Blindfold Waiter is a fun party game with and great to watch for the audience. Have two people per team come to the stage and one person will be blindfolded. The blindfolded must carry a bottle of wine and pour the wine into the glass while the non-blindfolded player can give instructions. The audience is howling with laughter when the waiter spoils the wine.

27. Boomwackers are musical instruments resembling a drum stick, that can be clapped together making a sound. Imagine, during gala dinner, 1000 participants clapping simultaneously following the Boomwackers conductor in a beat that makes your skin go all goosbumpsy. Recommended for large group with an above than average budget.

28. Drumming team building activities are similar to Boomwackers, but it needs a bit more practice and coordination. They are also a bit more expensive and for groups that are interested in musical team building as part of your Bangkok party and theme night.

29. Don’t Blow the Joker can be played as part of the Casino Royal theme or as a standalone activity on stage. Call volunteers onto the stage and have them blow a deck of cards off an empty wine bottle. The person who fi