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Indoor team building activities in Bangkok for your theme dinner and party night (26 – 44)

Updated: May 15, 2020

This blog post is the 5th part of 101 indoor team building activities in Bangkok and you will be introduced to 18 activities for your upcoming company celebration.

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3rd part – 101 indoor team building activities in Bangkok | Fun and Competition 4th part – 101 indoor team building activities in Bangkok | Stepping out of your comfort zone Are you planning your 10-year company anniversary, a theme dinner as part of your meeting or conference, or do you celebrate an outstanding year-end financial statement?

Then Bangkok is a great place for organizing your party night for any budget. Is this celebration incredibly special for your organization? Then how about you charter a sports-bar, organize your event at a hip and trendy surf-outlet, impress your team with a fancy roof-top restaurant or hire a traditional Thai house with lush garden?

Anything is possible for any budget. For the mid-range budget, why not hire a meeting room at one of the top 5-star hotels like Amari Watergate, Hilton Millennium or Sofitel Sukhumvit? For a limited budget, you could travel outside Bangkok to Bang Saen (Chonburi), and stay at the Tide Resort or travel to Amphawa and stay at the Lumpawa Amphawa Resort , or rent a meeting room in one of the three or four star hotels in Bangkok, like Aloft, Pathumwan Princess Hotel, or Ibis. Are you looking for team building activities that suit your theme dinner, then go no further and check out the 18 activities below?

Activity 26 to 44 are all fun and entertaining and geared towards a party and theme night. 26. Blindfold Waiter is a fun party game with and great to watch for the audience. Have two people per team come to the stage and one person will be blindfolded. The blindfolded must carry a bottle of wine and pour the wine into the glass while the non-blindfolded player can give instructions. The audience is howling with laughter when the waiter spoils the wine.

27. Boomwackers are musical instruments resembling a drum stick, that can be clapped together making a sound. Imagine, during gala dinner, 1000 participants clapping simultaneously following the Boomwackers conductor in a beat that makes your skin go all goosbumpsy. Recommended for large group with an above than average budget.

28. Drumming team building activities are similar to Boomwackers, but it needs a bit more practice and coordination. They are also a bit more expensive and for groups that are interested in musical team building as part of your Bangkok party and theme night.

29. Don’t Blow the Joker can be played as part of the Casino Royal theme or as a standalone activity on stage. Call volunteers onto the stage and have them blow a deck of cards off an empty wine bottle. The person who first blows off all but the joker (last card of the deck) is the winning team and shall receive a prize.

30. Freshy Show needs a little preparation from the client’s side, but if done right, it is an incredibly fun team building activity for a party night. All newly hired staff of the year are split into smaller teams. Each team must come up with a costume and a dance or song to perform during gala dinner. Creativity, team-coordination, and synchrony is surprisingly well performed, and the best teams are cheered by the audience for minutes.

31. Giant Bagatelle is an individual game of pure luck. It is typically played as part of the Casino Royale Theme. Players bet on a number with their casino chips then place a marble into the slot on top of the board. Gravity pulls the marble downwards and it eventually will fall into one of the holes with a number. If the number meets the bet, the player wins the same amount of bet otherwise he / she loses the bet. The giant bagatelle is made of a large wooden frame and building it is time-consuming and needs carpeting skills. Better contact info(at)Beunite to supply the frame.

32. Human Snake is one of the best party team building games and it works best towards the end of a party night, when participants are a bit tipsy. When we played this with Mane, the CEO took the initiative. Players sit down on the floor in one straight line with their hands up in the air to transport a person up in the air from the beginning to the end of the snake. In the beginning, participants are a bit timid but once they figured out how to play it, they become bolder. Some even take a sprint and jump onto the snake with full speed just to have this fuzzy adrenaline feeling of being caught by the group.

33. Karaoke Competition We have played Karaoke Competition god knows how many times, and every time the crowd is going crazy. Do you organize this party for Thai Nationals, for Cambodians, for Vietnamese or for Laotians? They are going through the roof. Even the more timid Europeans lose their inhibitions when they get carried away by the group. Attention! Hotel meeting venues typically close at 11 p.m. and if you have some of your guys singing till 5 a.m. in their hotel room with a bottle of Vodka, you may get fined by the hotel.

34. Compared to Karaoke Competition, Bamboo Dance is a more calm but similarly entertaining activity accompanied by an orchestra of traditional Thai, Laotian or Cambodian musicians. In the beginning, the ladies in traditional costumes will perform the dance for everybody to watch, after which each team must replicate the exact same dance steps synchronically. Much more difficult than it seems like. Only the teams that are well-coordinated will be able to complete the challenge.

35. Left Right Center can be played as a standalone game or in conjunction with the Casino Royale Theme. This party game is played with artificial money or Casino chips. Players stand around the table and place to chips in front of them. Then roll a giant dice. Depending on the number shown on the dice the chips go left, right or center. The last player still in the game collects all tokens from the center.

36. Magic Show and Card Tricks is an entertaining activity with some team building and learning elements combined. First, the magicians perform their show in front of the audience, after which each team will get a deck of cards. The magicians will go around the tables and show their best card tricks to the audience. The participants practice for a while before volunteers perform the newly acquired tricks in front of the entire audience.

37. Thai Roulette is a Casino Royale game whereby players bet tokens on odd or even, a specific colour or a specific number. The station master is rolling the dice and depending on the number shown the player doubles, triples or loses all his bet.

38. If you play Sumo Wrestling as part of your party or theme night, then you truly have hit the jack-pot. If you have the right crowd in your party, the noise level will go through the roof, and participants will talk about it years later in the canteen. The activity is as simple as it is fun and entertaining. Two players, wearing a giant Sumo uniform, must compete against each other in the ring. Who doesn’t secretly dream about pushing their boss out of the ring? Now you have the chance. The audience is howling with laughter when the CEO gets a beating.

39. Who has not played Spin the Bottle in their teenage years, and kissed the boy / girl of their dreams? But this is for adults, and corporate groups, and kissing usually do not happen (with some exceptions). The bottle is a plastic device that can be spun and depending where the bottle comes to a halt, a task must be performed. The tasks are fun, and some challenging or a bit crazy (depending on the nature of your theme) and participants must step out of their comfort zone to complete them.

40. Masquerade Ball can be scaled up or down depending on you budget. For a limited budget, we provide plain masks with some decorative items like glitter and feathers. Participants are split into groups and each group must design their own style of masks based on a concept they have previously brainstormed. But if we scale up the budget, the opportunities are endless. From a masquerade ball with full-on costumes to colourful décor, everything is possible for your lavish party night.

41. Pop The Balloons is another activity part of the Casino Royale Theme, but you can play this as a standalone game as well. All you need is a shelve (rack), blown up balloons and some darts. Place the balloons on the shelve, draw the starting line and off you go, players must pop the balloons with darts. A lovely add-on are some plush animals that players can win if they pop all the balloons.

42. Musical Chair is the perfect on-stage activity and volunteers are called up onto the stage. You can start with any number of players, but typically 6 to 8 is a good number. The same number of chairs are set up in a circle. While the music is playing, players are dancing around the chairs, but when the music suddenly stops, players must sit down. Remove one chair after each round and the player who cannot find a chair will be out of the game. Some peculiar things happen during this game, like two players playfully fighting for the same chair or one executive sitting on the lap of another. When this happens, the audience burst out laughing.

43. Cross-bow shooting is a simple fair-stall game and best rent the equipment from Beunite. Players are provided with bows and arrows and must shoot on the target. Points are given for hitting the center of the target. This party game can be played individually or in teams.

44. The Blackjack Table activity is part of the Casino Royale Theme event and players receive casino chips to bet with. The dealer shuffles and deals the cards, and players must take their bets. The winner shall take the chips while the bank wins with the highest card.

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