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Team building event with Michelin in Pattaya (Sai Kaew Beach)

Who would have thought that just 30 minutes South of Pattaya, there lies a small stretch of beach that is totally unspoiled? Nature pure. Paradise. It’s called Sai Kaew Beach and belongs to the Thai Navy. With a permission from the Navy officers, this stunning team building event venue can be hired for MICE groups and company outings.

Beunite team in action on Pattaya’s Sai Kaew Beach

And that’s exactly what Beunite has done for Michelin Group from China back in December last year. Beunite organized one of the most exciting team building Walk Rallies on Pattaya’s Sai Kaew Beach.

Team building on Pattaya’s Sai Kaew beach – The program

Delegates are split into six teams and each team had to go through six challenges.

The challenges were….

  • Minefield

  • Bamboo water relay

  • Chop sticks relay

  • Tropical fruit box

  • Transporters

  • Ring stack

Ten minutes was assigned for each activity with a five-minute break in between the challenges. There was a scoring system depending on how fast the teams completed each activity. Based on the scoring sheet, the winning team was determined.

Beunite used natural material for all activities, such as bamboo, coconut shells and local fruits.

Michelin delegates left Bangkok at 07:00 a.m. and arrived at Sai Kaew Beach at about 10.30 a.m. where they had the opportunity to enjoy the beach and chill out. Before the start of the team building activities, delegates had lunch at Sai Kaew Restaurant, with a stunning view to the sparkling blue sea.

The program started with an ice-breaker activity Human Knots followed by Balloon Snake. In Balloon snake, delegates were asked to walk around a circle with a balloon in between each person. Touching the balloon or losing touch was not allowed which resulted in giggles and laughter among the delegates.

At about 13.00 hours, the walk rally begun. Teams were ready for the challenges ahead.

The winning team was handed out a trophy accompanied by the cheers of their fellow team mates.

Balloon snake ice-breaker team building activity at Pattaya’s Sai Kaew beach

In ring stack, delegates were asked to collect points by hitting the bamboo poles with the rings provided.

In bamboo water relay, delegates had to fill up a bamboo tube with sea water by using coconut shells.

In transporters team building activity, teams must carry a series of fruits from one side of the play field to the other by using only bamboo poles.

In chop sticks relay, teams had to move a series of fruits from one side of the play field to the other by only using one chop stick per person. Team work, communication and problem solving was required to achieve this task.

Minefield is a non-verbal communication activity ideal for walk rallies in Thailand. Teams must cross the maze from one side to the other without stepping on the mine.

In tropical fruit box, delegates must determine the names of the fruits inside the box with touching only. Some of the overly ambitious delegates tried to look inside the box and were gently reminded by Beunite facilitators that cheating was not allowed

2016 Michelin Walk Rally in Pattaya’s Sai Kaew Beach winning team










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