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Adventure Team building in Phuket with ATV and White Water Rafting.

Full day Team building excursion for Akzonobel in Phan Nga and Phuket on 18th May 2019.


Beunite organized the team building event for Akzonobel in Phuket and the Phang Nga national park on the 18th of May 2019. Phuket is located 850 km South of Thailand’s capital Bangkok. It was the first time that Beunite organized Akzonobel’s team building event in Thailand or other countries in South-East Asia.

The group of 16 participants stayed in the fabulous Renaissance Hotel in Phuket, on the Mai Khao bay and the event took place at the famous Phuket ATV tour and White water rafting in Phang Nga which are both gorgeous locations for outdoor adventure activities.

The company team building started with ice breaker games at the Rafting place, where people where getting energized and building the team spirit.

The program

The event started at 8 am at the Renaissance hotel where Apple our guide met the client. The minivan trip to Phang Nga took 90-minutes.

The rest of the organizing team was waiting there for welcoming the group.

The day started with some icebreaker games facilitated by Apple. The group was separated into two teams, the red and the blue, which were going to be in competition during the entire team building day. By winning a game, teams accumulated a determined number of points.

The first game of the day was Jump. This is a team building ice breaker activity that takes about five minutes. Delegates were standing up from their seats and followed the facilitator’s instructions.

When the facilitator says “jump left”, everybody jumps left, when he says “jump right”, everybody jumps right, then jump forward and then jump backward. In the second round, the level of difficulty increased and the instructions were getting more difficult to process. This resulted in confusion and laughter by the delegates.

The second activity of the day was Human knots. Teams first formed groups of circles, then they put in their left hand into circle and held the hand of the person opposite them, next they closed their eyes and then put in their right hands with the instruction to grab another hand when the felt a grasp. Finally, they opened their eyes to find they were all tied up in knots!

The aim was to try to unravel each other from the knotted circle and form one group circle or smaller circles which were not knotted, by climbing over and under each other and making their way outside of the knot. This activity created plenty of laughter, made everyone communicate by trying to solve the problem and helped to bond the group together and break the ice in each team.

And the third activity of the day was creating your team Identity: Participants create a team chant or dance based on their team name.

Team chant is a very creative and fun activity in which teams need to create and dance and song which symbolizes their team name.

Participants can use as much creativity as they wish and can add to the colour by using recycled materials to make decorative costumes. After making their dance, teams perform in front of each other.

Ring stack is the last game before going on the boats. Teams must support each other to throw rings over a hoop / pole and depending on the pole they hit, the get a certain amount of points. In order to be closer to the pole and have an advantage when throwing the ring, teams support each other but must not overstep the line.

When the clock hit 11 a.m., the dam opened and the small stream became a roaring river. About 50 rafts were waiting for this timeslot when the river became accessible.

Before going on the raft, participants received instruction and a safety briefing on how to control their inflatable before taking to the water for a fantastic 5 Kms whitewater rafting experience. The participants were divided into 4 boats, 2 boats per team.

After the white water rafting, delegates changed cloths before having a typical Thai lunch. The mini-van departed at 13.00 hrs. back to Phuket.

Arriving at the ATV tour, the participants were being equipped with helmets and gloves, then they did a few test runs ensuring full control of the vehicle before heading to the jungle.

During this ATV activity the team had to perform 4 challenges. Firstly, they had to remember the pictures of 10 animals during the route and recall them at the end of the activity.

Secondly, they stopped for a slingshot game where each team had to hit as many cans as possible, by using only slingshots and pebbles.

The third activity was located on a gorgeous beach right next to the mangrove plantation. The game was Stretcher bearer. Participants were giving rope in order to build a stretcher to carry one blind person in their team over a set distance and to pick up a set number of balls. This was a very funny game which developed trust between the team and coordination as well.

After this game, participants continued the route to go back to the main place where they were going to submit the name of the animals they had seen, and then played one last game which determined the winning team.

This game was Tower of Hanoi which is a clever team puzzle to promote role clarification and problem solving. Teams were given a unique problem to solve: To move a pyramid of blocks from one side of the playfield to another, by using three designated areas. Some important rules had to be obeyed. Delegates were encouraged to assign roles, such as runners, problem solvers and communicators based on their skill sets. The strategy of each team was reviewed systematically in the debriefing.

Both teams had given their best to win during the day, and the winning team was the red team, who receives an award.

The minivan was waiting for the group to bring them back to the Hotel. Beunite received fantastic feed-back from Kim, the organizer.


“Hi Rolf, thanks for the successful team building and fun activities that Beunite team did for us. Really appreciate for the well-organized event and excellent support from you and Apple.”

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