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Planting trees in Thailand (Surin) for

Updated: May 12, 2021

Endangered trees is excited to announce tree planting partnership with Eight thousand trees will be planted over the next three months at Baan Cha Niang Village (Surin Province).

On 23rd April 2021 and 8 a.m. in the morning, the the entire team of Endangered Trees gathered for the tree planting event, wearing the brand new t-shirts with Endangered Trees logo.

Barely able to constrain their enthusiasm and team spirit, with spades and trees in hands, the activists stormed onto the fields eager to plant the trees on the land of Ean Promsri.

Ean, the 60-year old farmer, prudent and considered, immediately spotted the problem. "The trees needed to be put into water first", she shouted across the fields.

So water had to be organized which delayed the begin of the event for an hour and the trees were laid into water until fully soaked.

The planting was organized in a way that two people dug holes into the soil, one person put cow dung into the holes and two people stuck the trees in it and covered it with soil. The process worked like clockwork. "Amazing work, guys", shouted Onanong Graf, the Chairman and CEO of Endangered Trees, standing in the shade and sipping a Coke.

Endangered as well as native and drought resistant trees were selected for this tree planting event in Surin (Thailand), among others,

  • Siamese rosewood,

  • Amboyna,

  • Teak,

  • Mahagony,

  • Burmese Ironwood and

  • Resin Tree.

The sky was partly cloudy and partly sunny, and temperature reached 35 degrees Celsius.

"No more space, we're done", called Onanong Graf, from across the field. At 3.30 p.m., 528 trees were planted and the filed was completed. The trees were arranged in a row with always the same species in the same row planted about 2 m apart.

The team was exhausted but tremendously happy. "What a successful day", claimed Mr. Graf, proud of his team of community workers.

On Monday, 26th April, the next lot of 2,000 trees will be planted on the land of a local farmer in the South of the province.

In June, a community tree planting event will be organized in Baan Cha Niang and the last event for, will be tree planting with the students of Baan Cha Niang Village.

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