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Team building at Mini Siam in Pattaya

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Team building event for Indian Group 150 people in Pattaya

Beunite organized a Trivia Treasure Hunt for one of India’s largest Event management company, Percept ICE. 150 participants were split up into two groups. The team building event for the first group took place on 19th August and for the second group on 20th August 2017.

The event started at the Zign Hotel Pattaya where the delegates were split into 4 groups, and each group was assigned a facilitator.

The event brief took place inside the coach while driving to Mini Siam. Question sheets were handed out and the facilitator provided support.

Once arrived at Mini Siam, the team headed straight off to the sights and were searching for clues and answers. Teams were given one hour to complete the trivia.

At the end of the hour, the facilitators collected the sheets and marked the answers.

This team building trivia is perfect for MICE groups with a tight schedule and low budget who want to incorporate fun and exciting team building in their schedule.

There is little extra cost as entry fees and coach is already budgeted.

Special team building promotion

Beunite offers the Team building event Trivia Treasure Hunt at Mini-Siam  at 1,500 Baht / person for small groups, 1,000 Baht / person for medium-sized groups and 600 Baht / person for large groups.

New: now each team receives a mobile phone and shall submit their answers to the head quarter by LINE app. Results and pictures will be ready and screen upon debriefing.

Call +66 84 629 05 07 for more information.

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