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Team building Bangkok Amazing Race with Tybourne Capital

Delegates from Tybourne Capital posing for a group picture in front of Wat Arun

On 27th September 2017, Beunite organized a fun, exciting and interactive team building event "Bangkok Amazing Race" for Tybourne Capital.

Tybourne Capital is a Hong Kong based capital management company who traveled to Bangkok for their annual meeting and team building.

The Bangkok Amazing race started at Park Hyatt Central Embassy and 25 participants were split into three teams:

  • Team red

  • Team blue

  • Team yellow

Each team was assigned a Beunite facilitator / guide who accompanied the group throughout the race.

The team building locations, challenges and objective

The teams visited five infamous tourist location around the city and when trough four challenges. The team who completed all the tasks first and returned to the hotel was the winning team. Each team went through the same challenges but in a different order.

  • Wat Arun

  • Wat Pho

  • Thai Boxing (Muay Thai challenge)

  • Papaya salad making (Som Tum)

  • Flower garland making at Wat Yannawa

Participants must go through the wai kru first, then practice a few kicks and punches, before they compete in the push-up challenge.

Mode of transportation for this team building Amazing Race 

One of the highlight of the day was that teams traveled by different mode of transportation, by skytrain, subway, taxi, river boat and tuk-tuk.

The Amazing Race from start to finish

Before taking of the race, teams had to solve the human knots puzzle, whereby delegates standing in a circle with their hands crossed and holding each other. Then they had to untangle the knot without releasing their hands. Blue team solved the problem first and headed towards the exit. Team green followed suit. Once teams left the hotel, they went on with their facilitator to the first location and then to the next until they completed the challenge.

Team blue returned back to the meeting room first and was announced the winning team, accompanied by thunderous cheers from the blue team.

In spite of the rain, teams had great fun and feed-back was positive.

Team red posing for a group picture after having cooked their own Som Tum (Pappaya Salad)

"Thank you for arranging our team race on Friday. We enjoyed and had fun. We really appreciate all facilitators they were very helpful throughout the race." 

Beatrice Lam / Tybourne Capital management 










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