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Indoor Team Building in Bangkok with Santen at Compass Sky View Hotel

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

On 22nd July, 30 participants from Santen Group gathered at Sky One meeting room, on 6th floor of Compass Skyview hotel for a fun, interactive and engaging team building afternoon. The event was facilitated by Apple, one of Beunite's junior facilitators. The objective was for the team to bond, to have fun, to enjoy the afternoon, to learn about diversity, trust and collaboration.

Ice breaker team building activities

This exciting indoor team building event started with an ice-breaker jump, whereby participants had to jump into a direction that was indicated by the facilitator.

In Transporters, all teams work together as one large group. The objective of this game is to get a tennis ball from the starting line to the finishing line without dropping it on the floor. This game requires patience, dexterity, communication and team collaboration.

The last ice-breaker activity before the competitive part begun was Team Dynamics. In Team Dynamics, teams must stand in a circle and pass a tennis ball from one person any other in the team. The person who tosses the tennis ball must ask a question, the person who catches it must answer it, and so forth, until all players have at least asked and answered 5 questions.

Competitive indoor team building games

The format was for teams to remain unshuffled for the entire afternoon, to score as many points for each activity and ultimately have the most scores at the end of the event to win the competition. Four teams were competing against each other, team red, blue, green and yellow and each team had to choose a different team leader for each activity.

Once the participants were split into teams, each team had to choose a team leader and a team name / dance. This was performed enthusiastically one team at a time accompanied by applause from the other team. Check out more about the Team Identity activity on our website.

Ring stack activity was played two rounds, the first round non-blindfolded and the second round players had to wear blindfolds. At that point communication, trust and team support was crucial to score points.

In Magic pyramid, team had to build the highest structure possible from future board. Some teams choose a tower, others a pyramid but the shape in the end didn't matter. What mattered was their commitment to achieve results, their effort to work together as a team and their communication and collaboration skills. The green team showed outstanding teamwork and scored 25 points for winning this activity.

After coffee break Islands activity was on the agenda. In Islands, teams had to cross an imaginary lake from one side to another by connecting the islands with planks. Teams who stepped off the blanks had to start from the beginning again. Due to its competitive nature, the challenge was no to sabotage the opposing team who also stepped the same islands. Santen group did very well and all teams crossed the lake without difficulties.

The most challenging activity was kept to the end; Tower of Hanoi. In Tower of Hanoi, teams had to move a pyramid, consisting of 5 blocks from one side of the playfield to the other. This required intensive preparation, strategy and planning. In the picture above, you can see the yellow team to working on their plan.

If the plan was right, the execution was straightforward, but if the plan was not, then teams experienced break down and confusion. It was the leader's role to keep cool in hectic situations and to guide the team towards success.

Yellow team was the rightful winner of this team building afternoon and received a prize.

Santen Testimonial

Thanks again for your help in making the team building a fun and memorable experience for the team. Ai Lee / Group Coordinator / Santen Asia
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