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Team building wake boarding & summer party with Taboola at Bangkok Flow House

In conjunction with Eklekti Event agency, Beunite organize Taboola's corporate outing and team building event at Flowhouse in Bangkok on 28th September 2017. The event included 69 delegates from Taboola Thailand. Delegates were split into 8 teams, the black team, the grey team, the blue team, the red team, the turquoise team, the purple team and the green team and the yellow team.

Taboola Bangkok group is posing for a picture during the 2017 summer party at Flowhouse Bangkok

Teams had to go through 8 challenges, each 12 minutes in length. The team building challenges were...

Each team had to collect as many points as possible on each station. At the wake boarding station, individual team members were instructed to play one at a time, first kneeling and once they felt comfortable, standing up. Points were assigned for both kneeling and standing.

Wake boarding at flow house Bangkok, a fun team building event

On the cardboard boat building and racing challenge, teams were given cardboard, tape and plastic to build their cardboard boat. The objective is to make a boat that withholds at least one person from the team and that person must paddle across the pool and back.  Two teams competed at the same time. Points were given for completing the task as well as winning the competition. The competition was particularly fun to watch for both team members and spectators alike. Emotional outburst from the team whose boat sunk and frantic cheers from the teams who succeeded.

Team building summer party "cardboard boat making competition" at Flowhouse Bangkok

At the transporter stations, teams were asked to carry balls from one bucket (full) to another bucket (empty) that was placed about 4 meters apart. Equipment: PVD pipes. Rules: Don't touch the balls with your hands. Points were assigned for the number of balls successfully transferred to the other bucket. Only one team managed to get all balls to the other bucket.

Transporters, one of the station at Taboolas summer party walk rally team building event

The human pyramid challenge required the teams to make a pyramid and to get a fetch a box of candies from a basket hanging high up in the sky. This was both a physical and mental challenge and safety was of utmost concern. Thick rubber mats, helmets and knee pats were provided for the participants. What a joy seeing the teams succeed in this challenge.

Human pyramid team building activity at Flowhouse Bangkok

At the Petanque tournament (French bowling), teams had to toss their colored balls as close to the jack as possible (Jack is indicated as a tennis ball in the picture above). This is a strategic game and the team who collaborating the best was winning the game.

Petanque tournament, a French bowling tournament as one station of Taboola summer party.

The balloon balance challenge required the teams to work together, to bond and to come up with the best strategy how to get as many people as possible on top of the balloons. 10 balloons were handed out to each team and the best team got 9 people on top of 10 balloons. Nearly impossible you think? Try it out!!!

Balloon balance is a fun and interactive team building event. This image is shot during Taboola summer party in Bangkok / Thailand.

At the Sumo wrestling competition, teams had to compete one on one against the opposing team trying to push the opponent out of the ring. Each round lasted 30 seconds and delegates were taking turns. The score was kept track by Beunite facilitator and points were given for wining each round and extra points awarded for winning the entire competition.

Sumo wrestling competition as part of the team building activity at Flowhouse in Bangkok.

At the archery challenge, teams received points for each arrow to hit the target. Delegates alternated and the game went on until time was up.

Archery was one of many challenges delegates had to compete in at Taboola summer party and team building event. Flowhouse in Bangkok.

This event was a huge success, with many smiling faces, fierce competition and jubilant winners.

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