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Team Building and raft challenge on the beach in Hua Hin / Thailand with Uniqbe

Uniqbe Limited traveled to Hua Hin / Thailand from 21st to 23rd May 2015 as part of an incentive trip and team building work shop. Corporate delegates stayed at G Hotel in Hua Hin, a newly opened luxury resort.

Team building at G Hotel Hua Hin

Uniqbe Limited traveled to Hua Hin / Thailand from 21st to 23rd May 2015 as part of an incentive trip and team building work shop. Corporate delegates stayed at G Hotel in Hua Hin, a newly opened luxury resort. and Mall is a contemporary boutique resort located in Hua Hin town. Hua Hin Beach, one of Thailand’s most popular beaches for team building, can be reached by small 200-m long road. It’s a five-minute walk from the hotel.

G Hua Hin is located just a few minutes walk away from Hua Hin Market Village and Bangkok Hospital.

About the client

Uniqbe Limited is a online retailer specialized in consumer electronics products. Uniqbe is employee focused and offeres a wide range of specialized training and team building courses to its workforce.

Unique Head office is in Hong Kong at Cheung Sha Wan Road.

About the team building destination Hua Hin

Hua Hin can be reached by coach from Bangkok’s Suwarnabhumi Airport in a three-hour drive.

Hua Hin is popular for foreign tourists and locals alike. It’s one of Thailand’s largest corporate meeting and incentive destination and offers a variety of luxury retreats, business hotels and team building activities. Hua Hin’s beach is long and flat. During low tide it’s a stunning 100 meters wide.

Hotels are not allowed to put beach chairs on the beach which makes the beach deserted most of the day. Due its characteristics, it’s one of Thailand’s most suitable beaches for team building activities.

The teams

Prior to the start of the event, corporate delegates were split into three teams:

  • Team Black

  • Team White and

  • Team Red

The scoring system

Throughout the day, the scores for each activities were accumulated and the team with the highest score was the winning team. The scoring for each activity was as follows:

  • Winning team, 10 points

  • Second place, 6 points

  • Fourth place, 4 points

This scoring system allows teams that consistently compete on a high level to win the challenge without having to win all of the challenges.

The team building activities

The event started with a group chant, followed by human knots, a disentanglement puzzle. Below is a list of activities played in the morning and in bracket the winning team.

  • Jump Rope (White)

  • Ring Stack (Black)

  • Transporters (Red)

  • Tug of war (Red)

At the end of the morning activities, team Red leading the competition with 32 points before team Black with 26 points amd team White with 24 points.

The afternoon activities included Toxic waste, a problem solving challenge, catapult a hilariously fun and slightly physical throwing-and-catching-tennis-balls-with-a-catapult-activity and followed by Raft

Building and Raft Racing challenge.

The highlight of the day was certainly the raft building challenge as well as the raft racing in the calm, turquoise sea. The weather was just perfect, partly cloudy and partly sunny without any rain showers.

Each team was provided with four inflated truck inner tubes, rope and bamboo. The challenge was to make a raft steady enough to have four members of the team to sail around a buoy and back to the shore.

Time to build the raft was one hour. Each team started with a thorough brainstorming and strategy meeting. It was interesting to observe that teams were using different approaches to build the raft. One team built it narrow and long, using only two tubes. Another team built the archetypal raft, with four tubes on each corner.

After the building phase, teams were allocated 15-minutes to test their raft in the sea and to make

Final adjustments before the race begun.

Each team was asked to choose four delegates to compete in the raft racing. One of the objectives was to have all four players to stay on top of the raft at all times without falling off.

The team to sail around the buoy and back to the starting line, about 20 meters before the sea shore was the winning team.

The facilitator blew the whistle and the race began.

All teams picked up the raft and were running towards the sea. Team white was leading before team black and team red. Soon after leaving the shore, team black’s raft fell apart. Team white also struggled to keep their players on top of the raft. Some where swimming and pushing the raft to the shore.

In the end, only team black completed the race with all four players actually paddling the raft. After completion of the race, their raft was completely intact and in excellent condition.

After Raft racing, team Red was leading with more than six points before team red, and therefore the final activity (Water throwing relay) was put on hold.

The winning team (team black) was announced accompanied by frantic cheers.

Final score:

  • 1st: Team black (54 points)

  • 2nd: Team red (48 points)

  • 3rd team white (42 points)

  • References / Quotes:

“Uniqbe Team enjoyed the event! It was certainly the highlight of the incentive trip!!”

Eric Low

Sales Director

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