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Walk rally at Bangkok Lumpini Park

Updated: May 11, 2020

An exhilarating race for corporate groups around Bangkok's most stunning public park.

On 16th November 2017, Beunite organized a team building Walk Rally for Juniper Networks, who held their annual MICE event in Bangkok.

So what is a walk-rally and how does it work?

In short, a walk rally is a competitive race ideal for corporate groups similar to a scavenger hunt, a treasure hunt or an Amazing Race.

In contrast to the Amazing Race, teams do not travel around the city but the entire event takes place at a centrally located area, in this case the Lumpini Park. Unlike in the Amazing Race, whereby teams travel independently throughout the race, at a Walk Rally teams are closer together and there is more a sense of unity and team spirit.

In contrast to the scavenger hunt, teams do not solve riddles and do not find clues, but go through a series of physical, mental and team bonding activities specifically designed for the client. So the Walk Rally is a much more tailor made and customizable to the client’s needs than the typical Amazing Race.

In addition, Lumpini Park is stunning event venue, with plenty of space to a green space in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. The park is run and managed by government officials so it is a time consuming process to get permission to use Lumpini Park as an event venue. But it is definitely worth it for medium sized (50 pax) to large sized groups (200 pax). The Walk Rally at Bangkok’s Lumpini Park  can be run for groups sized up to 1000 delegates.

The event brief for Juniper Network group, which consisted of 50 delegates, took place in the meeting room of Centara Grand at Central World before lunch.

During the coach ride from Centara Grand to Lumpini park, delegates were split into 6 teams and each team received colored bandanas, a map and instruction sheets.

Arriving at the park, delegates grouped up in teams and gathered at the starting line. The sound of the whistle signaled the start of the race. With the help of the map, teams had to find 4 challenge locations inside the park and the objective was to complete 9 activities as fast as they could. After the completion of an activity, the team leader received a flower garland.

After just one hour and 15 minutes, the firsts team successfully completed all challenges and crossed the finishing line. After the facilitator counted the number of garlands, which was equal to the number of challenges they completed, the team was announced the winner of the event. An emotional cheer erupted. The team spirit of the winning team was palpable. The team was competitive so they run all the way from the start to the finish and were exhausted but very happy and satisfied.

Refreshment and soft drinks were provided by Beunite.

The second team arrived just 7 minutes later and after one hour and forty minutes into the game, the third team arrived.

About two hours and 15 minutes after the start of the race, the last team arrived. It was hot and sunny all day, so all delegates were glad they could enter the air-con bus that took them back to the hotel. During the return trip the winner of the game was officially announced with accompanying applause by all the teams.

A prize for the first and second team was handed out during dinner time.

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