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Amboyna (Narra) ǀ Pterocarpus indicus

The Amboyna tree is a seasonal deciduous tree, and the national symbol of the Philippines.


It grows between sea level and 1300 m altitude. The perfect temperature is 22 to 32 degrees centigrade.


The Narra tree can tolerate a 4 to 6 months dry season, which makes it suitable to grow in Isaan (Thailand).


Not many trees are left in the wild and in the Philippines the conservation status is critically endangered.


Pterocarpus indicus is considered extinct in Vietnam. Amboyna is a multipurpose tree, and all parts of the tree are processed like for wood making, shampoo or traditional medicine.


With your donation, we plant about 10 trees to ensure the long-time survival (of 30 plus year) of at least one Narra tree.

Amboyna (Narra) ǀ Pterocarpus indicus

  • Amboyna is native to tropical and sub-tropical Asia and the Pacific Region.

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