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Sponsor English language books

Baan Ch Niang School (North-East of Thailand) lacks any funds for an English langauge curriculum so we have been teaching English on a voluntary basis for 5 months. 


In our kindergarden (pre-school) class, there are 14 students aged 5 to 6.


For our volunteer English language project at Baan Cha Niang School, we have selected the My Phonics The Alphbet 1 book for kids aged 5 and 6 which helps us to structre the course. 


Each book costs TBH 125 + delivery THB 10. See exact calculation in seperate chapter.


100% of your donations will go into the ressources (study books) and no donations will be use for administration purposes or paying salaries.


Once donations have arrived, and bookes have been handed out to the kids, we take pictures and post them on this page as well as on social media, to inform the donor of the success of our campaign and to establish trust in future donors.

Sponsor English language books

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  • Each book costs 125 Baht plus 10 Baht for transport. On top comes 2.9% Wix payment commission and a flat fee of 30 Cents. 

    • 125 Baht x 14 kids = 1,750 Baht
    • 125 Baht x 1 teacher = 125 Baht
    • 10 Baht transport x 15 books = 150 Baht
    • Total: 2,020 Baht
    • + 2.9% Wix commission (58.72 Baht)
    • = 2,078.72 Baht
    • = 66.39 USD (exchange rate 31.31)
    • + Wix processing fee (30 USD cents)
    • = Grand total 66.69 USD

    1. Click on "PURCHASE / KAUFEN" button. 
    2. Then process your shopping card
    3. Select the amount to 1 so the correct price appears (66.69)
    4. Click "View Card".
    5. Click check-out with paypal.
    6. Select Pay by Debit / Credit Card. 
    7. Insert your card number and fill in your name and address. On the bottem where it asks you if you want a paypal account, click no. 
    8. Click continue and process your payment.

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