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School renovation project at Mitrapap 70 school

Support Beunite with their ongoing commitment to develop Mitrapap 70 school into a child-friendly, exciting and modern rural school.


Beunite's CSR partner in Thailand is Mitrapap 70 school in Amphawa, located 90 km South of Bangkok. The school is run by a 31-year old, energetic, well-organized, visionary and courteous head master, Miss Bla. And Beunite is happy to support Miss Bla with her vision to turn Mitrapap 70 school from an underfunded, run-down government school to one of the region's most prestigious flagship school. There is so much to do at Mitrapap 70 school, and we are delighted to be part of this exciting journey. For upcoming projects, see the activity's section.


Click following link for more information about CSR team building activities in Bangkok.

School renovation project at Mitrapap 70 school

  • The agenda of a typical one-day CSR project looks like this:
    08:00 - Depart Bangkok by 55-seater coach.
    09:30 - Arrive at Mitrapap 70 school.
    09:45 - Morning activities.
    12:00 - Lunch at Lumpawa Amphawa Resort.
    13:00 - Afternoon's activities.
    15:00 - Games with children.
    16:00 - Depart school by 55-seater.
    16:30 - Arrive at Amphawa floating market. Shopping.
    17:00  - Depart to Bangkok.
    18:45 - Arrive in Bangkok.

The product name is the name of the event, in bold above the download button.

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