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Cleaning personnel

The Thai Government school in Baan Cha Niang provides the auditorium complimentary to our foundation, however, the curriculum, teachers as well as cleaning personnel needs to be paid by the foundation.


Until now, the school kids clean the rooms on a irregular basis, sometimes they do it, sometimes they don't. Because the auditorium is open on two sides, and protected only by a grid, there is wind blowing in dust and sand every day. It is considered quite dirty from a Western point of view.


Our idea is to put the kids into small groups of three, and each group mobs and sweeps the floor twice per week for a month, after which the group will change. The kids are supervised by adults to check cleanliness. As a tokken of appreciation we would like to give each child 150 Baht per month for their additional work. 


The 95 USD that you donate will be used to purchase cleaning material, such as mobs and brooms as well as to incentivice the kids to do their work more conscientiously. 


With 95 USD, you will ensure we have a clean classroom for the coming 6 months. 

Cleaning personnel

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