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Planting a flower or vegetable garden

Planting a new flower garden or vegetable garden is a very rewarding CSR team building activity


Help assist a local community or school by planting a new flower or vegetable garden so that the locals can benefit from nice flower beds or eat and sell the vegetables.


Teams are provided with gardening tools and seeds and depending on the condition of the garden need to first weed it and wrake it before creating their designs. Teams are encouraged to be creative and make a unique design which is memorable for the local people.


Once the patch of land has been tidied and soil wraked, teams plant their seeds, label the plants and show the locals how to keep it in the best possible condition.


This activity can be creative and competitive with teams encourage make use of plastic bottles and stones to design their flower beds or planting areas to make pots and walls.


Click following link for more information about CSR team building activities in Bangkok.

Planting a flower or vegetable garden

  • This team building activity is suited for groups of 20 to 60 participants

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