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Pirates of Samet "Islands of Thieves"

Seek locate and you shall find the hidden Pirate treasures.


Pirates of Samet, Islands of thieves is a fun and competitive team building event where the emphasis is on creating your Pirate identity and costumes, seeking out buried treasures and compete with other pirate tribes to steal their gold!


The event begins with teams creating their team identity, clothing, Jolly Roger flags and Pirates chant before heading out to sea by speedboat to search for lost treasure.


On arriving at each island, teams receive a clue, a puzzle or a challenge, which they need to solve which will pinpoint where the treasure has been hidden.


Treasures come in the forms of gold, Jewells, food, drink or pirate style decor. Only when they reach the final Pirates of Samed Island, can they seek out the winning treasure chest full of Pirates gold! Those that return with nothing will walk the plank!

Pirates of Samet "Islands of Thieves"

  • This adventure team building event is suited to small and mid sized groups from 20 to 80 participants.

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