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Pride of Burma ǀ Amherstia nobilis

In many garden books written in English in colonial India before World War II, this tree was lauded as either the most beautiful or one of the most beautiful flowering trees in the world.


It was discovered in Burma and was named after the wife of the then Governor, Lady Amherst, who was a keen botanist. It is also one of the most difficult trees to plant in the wild, and only a few species exist in Burmese forests. One rare species exist in Calcutta and six in Mumbai. 


If we were contacted to plant this tree for you, we would need to get permit to air-layer the tree, to export the tree (from India) and to import the tree (to Thailand). It may take us a year or more to succeed.


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Pride of Burma ǀ Amherstia nobilis

  • Burma and Thailand.

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