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Rain Tree ǀ Samanea saman


The Rain Tree (or Chamchuree, how it is called in Thailand) is a wide-canopied tree with a large symmetrical umbrella-shaped crown.


It is one of the best-, and fastest-growing trees in Thailand typically planted in large parks, in front of government buildings and along river alleys.


Endangered trees foundation recommends planting this tree species due to an incredible capacity to offset Co2, as well as to provide shade for younger trees on our plantation.


With your donation we will grow more than one tree and we will ensure that at least one species of this tree survives for a minimum of 30 years. Become the godfather of this tree by donating to our charity organization.

Rain Tree ǀ Samanea saman

  • The rain tree is native to Central and South America, yet the tree has been widely introduced to South-East Asia.

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