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Siem Reap was discovered by the West in 1907 and the Grand Hotel D’Angkor opened in 1929. Siem Reap began to grow until 1975, when the entire population of Siem Reap (like many others in Cambodia) was driven to the countryside by the Khmer Rouge’s mania to turn the country into a Marxist communist state. At the dawn of the new millennia, Siem Reap was put on the word map as synonymous to the restauration and worldwide marketing campaign of the Temples of Angkor Wat. Today, Siem Reap is a picturesque and charming town with bustling markets, colorful tourist avenues with bars and restaurants, some of the best boutique hotels in the country and upcoming MICE and convention hotels. Best time to travel to Siem Reap Siem Reap’s has two major tourist seasons, the high a low season. The high season is short, starts by the end of the monsoon in early November and lasts until the beginning of the hot season, end of February. The high season is characterized by masses of tourists flocking to see the world-famous temples. The tourist low season starts from early March and ends end of October. The low season can further be distinguished between the hot and dry season, March to April and the six month rainy season from May to October. While the climate is undoubtedly most pleasant in the high season, we recommend travelling in the low season. While the most part of the rain falls in August to October, March to May is hot but mostly dry. Travelling in the low season, corporate clients may benefit from attractive hotel rates, deserted (or at least not crowded) tourist sites and plenty of flight capacity. Your team building event can be arranged indoors, at local villages or at tourist sights early morning when the temperatures are still comfortable. Flight connections to and from Siem Reap Air Asia offer three flights daily from Bangkok to Siem Reap leaving Bangkok 11:45, 16:05 and 21:45 and return on at 11:45, 15:45 & 21:45. The flight takes 55 minutes. Air Asia currently offers three flights a day from Singapore to Siem Reap with three-hour stop-over in Bangkok. Cambodia air connects Siem Reap with Guangzhou and Shanghai and Hanoi and Ho Chi Mingh City in Vietnam. Singapore airlines co-shared with Silk-Airlines operates one direct flight a day between Siem Reap and Singapore. The two-hour flight departs Singapore at 08:40 in the morning and Siem reap at 18:25 in the evening. Siem Reap's unique features Siem Reap is unique in many ways; a famous tourist destination with particularly no traffic jams. Siem Reap is the richest town in Cambodia, clean and well organized. There are no shady bars like in so many other tourist destinations in South-East Asia. Siem Reap is a boom town with a special atmosphere. The hospitality staff is unimaginably courteous and intimate making your stay an unforgettable holiday experience. Price value competitiveness is a unique feature of Siem Reap. Travel by bicycle, horse-cart, tuk-tuk or mini-van is still very price-worthy, a stay in a luxury hotel affordable and enjoying an infamous USD 1 dinner or a US cents 50-cocktail is an experience on its own. Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world and a UNESCO world heritage site. With a population of approx. one million inhabitants, Angkor was the largest pre-industrial town in the world and would today be considered as a mega city. Yet, surrounded by rain forest most of the 9th to 15th century Hindu and Buddhist temples remain in good condition. Every year, thousands of travelers flock to Angkor Wat to visit the magnificent monuments and growth in tourist numbers increase year by year. The giant mapping CSR project in Siem Reap Team building is big business in Cambodia and choices of activities are plentiful. In spite of the recent economic growth, Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries on the planet. Although Siem Reap is the richest town in Cambodia, the surrounding villages remain painstakingly underdeveloped, often lacking the very basic of needs; food, electricity and clean drinking water. In collaboration with Build your future today center, Benunite runs a series of CSR project to support the most unfortunate. From driving a mobile library to remote villages, to building an irrigation system for their fields, to renovating schools, the choice of CSR project is endless. And your collaboration and participation is highly welcome. As not even google has made it to the rural suburbs of Siem Reap, there are no coordinates and no maps available of this area. The giant mapping project is a ½ day team building CSR event. In collaboration with Build your future today delegates first gather coordinates, then draw and build a gigantic map that is placed in the center of the village. This map is an attraction for the locals as well as an important tool of navigation for tourists. For more information about the Mysteries of Angor Team Building event, please refer to the Country page "Cambodia”.









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