Angkor Wat is the largest relegious structure in the world and Cambodia most iconic tourist attraction.Team building dragon boat race in Siem Reap.Cambodia has one of the friendliest and most curteous people in the world.Delegates from Coopervision on a Mysteries of Angkor team building event.The South of Cambodia, from Sihanoukville to Kep has goregeous beaches and idyllic islands.Koh Rong Saloem, one of CambodiaDelegates working in teams to solve the riddles of Angkor Wat.Phnom Penh is the upcoming MICE hub in South-East Asia.The Royal Palace in Phnom Penh is one of the challenges along the Amazing Chase team building event.Sokha hotels is one of Cambodia's best hotels with stunning MICE facilities.


Introduction to Cambodia

Cambodia, a country of only 15 million inhabitants and is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing and fascinating destinations to travel to.

Located between Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia has a dark history of civil war and genocide and was therefore not long ago unthinkable for travelers to visit.
Yet, in recent years, Cambodia has developed in something like a hip-destination first for backpackers, then for package tourists and now for MICE and corporate travelers.
Cambodia has become a save and hospitable destination to travel to, with an ever improving infrastructure and myriads of magnificent tourist sites, beach destinations and tropical islands. 

Angkor Wat, located in Siem Reap, is the world’s largest religious monument and a reminder of the powerful Khmer empire that ruled large parts of South-East Asia from the 8th to the late 15th century. The majestic and well preserved temples of Angkor Wat are likely one of the most stunning tourist attraction you will ever visit.

Best time to travel to Cambodia

The geographic alignments of the country of Cambodia indicates 13° 00' N  and its climate is considered as tropical. The six-month rainy season from May to October is followed by the cool season, from November to February and the hot season from March to April. 

Average temperature trough out the year is 27 degrees Celsius and the best time to visit Cambodia for outdoor team building or sightseeing is November to February, with barely any rain, cool mornings and pleasant afternoons below 30 degrees.
For indoor seminars, corporate training or organizational change workshops, the best time is the rainy season, when hotels offer excellent discounts and flight capacity is plentiful. 

Flight connections to Cambodia 

Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are the only two destinations in Cambodia that are reached by international carriers from major economic hubs in South-East Asia.
Jetstar is most likely the cheapest budget airline connecting Singapore with Phonom Penh with prices as low as 80 SD per way. Air Asia offer three flights daily from Bangkok to Siem Reap leaving Bangkok 11:45, 16:05 and 21:45 and two flights daily from Hong Kong to Phnom Penh. 

Sihanoukville is a beach resort in the South of Cambodia and a popular team building destination for Vietnamese corporations. It can be reached from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap by Cambodia Airlines. Despite the fact that Cambodia Airlines is not a well-known international carrier, there is no recorded accident in the history of Cambodia Airlines and we recommend it as a save airline to travel. 

Cambodia's unique features

Cambodia was put on the map of the tourism industry by the discovery, restauration and international marketing campaign of Angkor Wat. 2.35 Million tourists visited Angkor Wat in 2014. With an annual visitor increase rate of 20% year by year, the largest religious monument in the world is breaking all records. 

Angkor Wat is the national identity of Cambodians and Angkor Wat is depicted on the Cambodian flag. So what makes Angkor Wat so unique?

Angkor Wat UNESCO heritage site includes more than 30 well-maintained temples with Angkor Wat its most majestic. Most of the religious monuments are a mix of Hindu and Buddhist architecture which is a powerful sign of peace and order, of one religion blending in with another, each empire building upon from its predecessors. 

Myriads of religious stories, wall paintings, murals and several thousand square meters of well-preserved reliefs create the perfect back-drop for a group of corporate delegates on a treasure hunt or walk rally. 

The temples are scattered around on an area as small as 400 square kilometers, this UNESCO world heritage site is approachable by bicycle, mountain bikes, tuk-tuks and mini-vans. 

The mysteries of Angkor – Number one team building event in Cambodia 

Team building is big business in Cambodia and choices of activities are plentiful. In our favorite team building event, The Mysteries of Angkor, delegates travel by mountain bike from UNESCO toll gate to the Preah Pithu monuments, a picturesque starting location for a treasure hunt. 

From there, teams equipped with a map and cryptic questions plan their route, identify six infamous Angkor Temples (including Angkor Wat) and travel there by mountain bike accompanied by experienced team building facilitators and local tour guides. 
Once arriving at the magnificent temples, teams must observe the surroundings and uncover the answer to the cryptic question. Each clue leads to the next location and delegates are mesmerized by ever more beautiful landscape and architecture. The first team returning to Preah Pthu with all riddles solved is the winning team. 

Knai Bang Chat Resort

Knai Bang Chatt resort, a four star plus boutique resort is located in Kep (approx. 100 km South of Siem Reap). The resort is overlooking the turquoise blue ocean. Knai Bang Chatt is a marvel of a boutique style resort and absolutely perfect for executive outings and management training in a private and relaxing atmosphere. It is recommended to charter the entire resort for an executive group. 
Knai Bang Chat Resort

Price range:
starting from 240 USD per room
Number of rooms:
Largest meeting venue:
Knai Bang Chat Suite can be turned into a meeting venue, fit max. 10 people
Unique feature:
Large garden, the entire resort can be chartered for executive outings.
Knai Bang Chat is located in Kep (on the beach), approx. 100 km south of Phnom Penh. 
Our ranking:

The Heritage Suite Hotel

The Heritage Suite Hotel in Siem Reap is a boutique resort of impeccable beauty. Located in the Heart of Siem Reap, it caters to small groups with a high budget in search for something special. It is perfect in combination with a Mysteries of Angkor Team Building event. The Heritage Suite Hotel does not have conference facilities and caters to small groups.


Price range:
Rooms start at 100 USD per night
Number of rooms:
26 rooms.
Largest meeting venue:
No meeting venues available.
Unique feature:
Intimate and personalized service.
In the heart of Siem Reap
Our ranking:

Sokha Beach Resort


The Sokha Resort in Sihanoukville (approx. 220 km South of Phnom Penh) is enormous in size, occupying approx. 800 meters of finest beach front land. With spacious conference rooms and large flat lawns it makes the perfect team building and MICE hotel in Sihanoukville. It’s a getaway for a Survivor Team Building event on Koh Rong Salem.


Price range:
Prices start from USD 150 per room per night.
Number of rooms:
391 rooms
Largest meeting venue:
The 1,232 sqm grand ballroom can fit up to 960 people on round tables.
Unique feature:
800 m of finest beach front. Gigantic outdoor space for team building and getaway for a Surivor team building event on Rong Salem.
On the beach in Sihanoukville
Our ranking: