About Beunite Team Building

Imagine the world at the dawn of the internet. Imagine you want to book a hotel but there is no, or tripadvisor. Now you have two choices, walk in and look for yourself or scroll through each individual hotel’s website until you find the perfect one. The one that matches your budget, the one that inspires you and you feel at ease.

This is the age we are still at in the world of team building events and corporate training work-shops. The information is there but it is not organized. It's scattered and fragmented. It takes time to consolidation information, lots of effort to compare and contrast different products and finally, when the decision is made you still don’t know if you have made the right choice. 

Beunite has a dream to change this:

Firstly, Beunite takes on the challenge of providing you with one single user-friendly platform to select educational work-shops and corporate events around the world.

The second challenge is even more staggering: Our vision is to enable you to customize your corporate work-shop according to your training needs, by simply selecting your desired learning objectives.

And if you like what we do, we ask for one small thing in return: You help us become the worlds’ largest brand for corporate work-shops and team building events. A fair trade, don’t you think?

To achieve this dream, we have created a powerful team. The team consists of the most competent and well-renowned providers of team building events and corporate training work-shops around the world. And Beunite is one of them. In addition to the online booking shop, Beunite provides tailor made team building events, executive outings, organizational development work shops and destination management services.

Our team members are heroes, they are dedicated, motivated and enthusiastic about making this vision come to life.