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T-shirt painting with rural children

A short team building activity typically as part of a larger CSR project.


T-shirt painting is usually done in conjunction with a CSR program, it can be one of several activities of a longer program.


This activity is ideally done with one of our partner institutions, in Amphawa or Siem Reap.


The T-shirt painting as a standalone activity usually takes approx. 30 minutes to one hour. 


In this CSR activity, delegates and school children are paired up to draw a subject onto a plain T-shirt. 


The subject can be the child’s name, a flower, a house, a tree, or any theme that has been chosen by the client and that is suitable for the kids age. 


This activity is especially rewarding due to it’s intimate encounter between business executive and local kid, in which the executive takes the role of the teacher.


At the end of the activity the children can keep the T-shirt.

T-shirt painting with rural children

  • The objective is to create a meaningful experience of working with children in a rural setting.

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