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Team Building in Phuket with Beunite, the first carbon negative team building organizer in Asia. No greenwashing, read more...

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Introduction to team building in Phuket

Phuket, an exquisite island in the Andaman Sea, captivating MICE groups with its allure. It has emerged as a preeminent destination for executive meetings, team building retreats, and business events in Southeast Asia. Thailand's largest island, Phuket, has long held a prominent position in the tourism landscape, now distinguished for its luxurious accommodations, sophisticated shopping venues, captivating attractions, and pristine beaches—ideal for corporate offsites in Phuket. Corporate groups frequently choose Phuket for team outings in Phuket due to its multifaceted offerings. One pivotal aspect rendering Phuket conducive to corporate events is its well-developed infrastructure, facilitating seamless transportation around the island—essential for successful Phuket team retreats. Beyond the splendid beaches and upscale hotels, Phuket offers an array of cultural treasures, including temples and landmarks, creating an ideal backdrop for our Phuket Cultural Discovery and Amazing Chase programs. The island's topography, adorned with picturesque mountains and surrounded by renowned offshore islands, positions Phuket as an optimal canvas for invigorating outdoor team-building pursuits. Enthusiasts of outdoor adventures find Phuket to be a haven, where the natural surroundings transform into a vast playground. The island extends a warm welcome to diverse groups, promising an unparalleled tropical island team-building experience. Envision engaging in team activities amidst the panoramic views of Phuket. Corporate teams can seamlessly blend enjoyment with collaborative work while immersed in the breathtaking natural beauty, making team building in Phuket an unforgettable experience. In this remarkable setting, the spirit of teamwork flourishes, elevating a corporate retreat into a transformative journey marked by shared experiences and collective growth.


All team building activities and events in Phuket

Most popular team building destinations near Phuket

This 160 million year old National park (older than the Amazon) contains about 5% of the worlds wildlife. The annual temperatures of around 30 degrees makes it the ideal adventure team building destination for the more curragious and physically fit. Picturesque small resorts scatter the boarders of the national park and accommodation is simple and priceworthy. Activities for corporate groups are jungle adventure, trekking in the national park and a baot trip to the Cheow Lan Lake.

Team Building in Khao Sok

Krabi can be reached from Phuket in 2.5 hours and Krabi is also a team building destination on its own. Krabi has an international airport and with flights from Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Team Building in Krabi

Team building off the beaten track

  • When is the best time to travel to Thailand?
    Thailand is blessed by its exotic climate and an abundance of sunshine throughout the year. There are two main seasons: the dry season and the raining season, both of which vary from coast to coast and from north to south. Generally, November to March is the best time to travel to Thailand, when there is almost guaranteed sunshine and low rainfall in all parts of the country (except the South-East). The raining season lasts from April to October, however, this is still a very pleasant period of time to visit Thaialnd as the rains are generally concentrated in heavy but short rainstorms that almost certainly are followed by sunshine for most of the day. The months of November and December offer cool breezes from the north.
  • What are the flight connections to Thailand?
    Thailand offers a vast variety of international and domestic flight services, with many of our team building locations being accessible by direct flights from many other ASEAN hub cities as well as by onward connecting services through Bangkok’s two international airports. With regular flights offered by international and low cost carriers, you may choose any destination in Thailand for your corporate team building event in the Land of Smiles.
  • What is unique about Thailand?
    The kindness and friendliness as well the omnipresent smiles of its people, and the reassuring feeling of feeling welcome in this beautiful country make Thailand a unique and extremely pleasant destination for your corporate incentive trip. Additionally, a fantastic, world-class tourism infrastructure makes Thailand one of the most sought-after MICE destinations in South-East Asia. Choose Thailand, the Land of Smiles, for your next corporate incentive team building event!
  • What are your most recommended team building events in Thailand?
    Thailand is Beunite's headquarter where we offer a full range of indoor, outdoor, adventure, as well as learning and development team building events. Besides our meaningful team building activities - which include CSR projects and executive outings - one of the most unique event in Thailand is our Shine with LINE program, an interactive Scavenger Hunt whereby teams explore their destination location and carry out exciting challenges by using GPS and mobile phones.