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Phuket is a stunningly beautiful tropical island in the Andaman Sea which is popular with many types of traveller and has become one of the most popular MICE destinations in Thailand and throughout South East Asia.


Thailand’s largest off Shore Island was one of the first tourist destinations to develop and today boasts world class resorts, great shopping, fantastic attractions and entertainment and stunning beaches drawing numerous corporate groups year after year.


The island has excellent infrastructure, it is easy to travel around, has a variety of temples, monuments and cultural sights to visit as is ideal for our Phuket Cultural Discovery and Amazing Chase programs.


Its rugged mountainous scenery, and well known off-shore islands make Phuket an excellent choice for adventurous and outdoor team building events and is suitable for all types of incentive group offering the perfect tropical Island team building experience!

Introduction to Team Building in Phuket

Most popular team building destinations near Phuket

Koh Phi Phi is the most popular of islands in the Phan Nga bay. This island paradise can be reached from Phuket by speed boat in 90 minutes. It offers plenty of sunshine, a nature experience and sandy beaches for raft building activities and beach Olympics.

Team Building in Koh Phi Phi

This 160 million year old National park (older than the Amazon) contains about 5% of the worlds wildlife. The annual temperatures of around 30 degrees makes it the ideal adventure team building destination for the more curragious and physically fit. Picturesque small resorts scatter the boarders of the national park and accommodation is simple and priceworthy. Activities for corporate groups are jungle adventure, trekking in the national park and a baot trip to the Cheow Lan Lake.

Team Building in Khao Sok

Krabi can be reached from Phuket in 2.5 hours and Krabi is also a team building destination on its own. Krabi has an international airport and with flights from Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Team Building in Krabi

Team building off the beaten track

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