Sumo Wrestling competition is a fun and entertaining team building activity to be organized as part of a theme dinner or Christmas party.

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Are you here because your upcoming team outing should be fun and entertaining, and it should be an occasion to celebrate a specific occasion such as a company anniversary or simply an annual thank-you party?

Are you looking for a specific activity that complements your themed dinner or celebration event? Do you intend to organize a company sports day such a Beach Olympics or a Walk Rally event? Are you a MICE organizer who is looking for a team building activity for a large group (100+ participants)? Our product theme Fun & Entertainment may well be suitable to find the right product for you! Most activities listed in this section are competitive, and there will always be a winning team and a prize ceremony, while debriefing is kept light and short.

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I am a MICE organizer and have a really large group of 200+ participants - which outdoor team building activity do you recommend?

We recommend the Sports Day Hurray activity: it takes place outdoor, it is fun, and it can be arranged for up to 500 participants.

I am looking for a team building activity to complement my themed dinner event - do you have any recommendations?

Yes - our Giant Board Game Quiz is an excellent team activity to complement your themed dinner event. Questions can be customized according to your theme. If you are looking for something a bit more action packed, why don't you check out our Sumo Wrestling Competition? It is high adrenaline and hilariously funny!

I am looking for a fun outdoor event for a low budget.

Our Outdoor with Fun program may well suit you: you may put your program together on your own, whether you choose three to five short activities for a half-day event, or six to eight short activities for a full-day program.

I am organizing a themed dinner events for a group of participants from different countries who don't know each other. Do you have any ice-breaker activities or warm-up games for such a group? The objective should be to get to know each other.

This is currently beeing developed - please contact info(at)

I am looking for a short activity as part of my themed dinner event. My team is from the same office, yet the employees don't mingle very well yet. Can we do something fun to get to know each other better but that is not too serious?

We would recommend our I am Quiz activity, a fun and entertaining way to get to know each other better.

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