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Welcome to Virtual Team Building activities and programs in Bangkok


There has been an obvious shift of all physical to digital in the past ten years. Experiences have become digital. Learning is done online. And while organizations have started to move workers out of crowded offices well before Covid-19, the trend towards working from home has just become the norm.

During the coronavirus pandemic, some countries even introduced temporary laws to ban workers to visit their office. Social distancing, a word that was not well-known just a few months ago, is now all-over social media.

And team building is no exception.

But is it even possible to build a high-performing team without physical contact? Is it possible to establish trust between co-workers while communicating with telecommunication software? Can teams unleash their creativity when working from their 25 sqm cubicles, alone, isolated, with little stimulus or input from other people? And can executives be aligned without sitting on one and the same round table and can they strategic issues be discussed with the same vigor and zest as if they were face to face?


Most of team building organizers use the same games, the same technology and the same software they did previously when people could have physical contact. Which works of course, and is easy, without new devices. And it is cheaper of course. To summarize well-proven methods, games and activities we have posted the blog article 32 team building activities for remote workers.

But Beunite will go further than that. We have our R&D team working 24/7 to develop new solutions for businesses in need to develop their virtual teams.

The first is under development, it is been prototyped, it is a hybrid between CSR team building and virtual team building. It can be done in small groups and as individuals. 

Just a word about the terminology. Some could call it digital team building others online team building but we choose virtual team building, because it is catchy and fresh. But the meaning remains the same. 

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