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I am looking for an activity to reinforce a specific learning objective or skill - what could you offer?

If you are conducting a training class and are looking for a specific activity to reinforce your learning points, please visit our page, search activities by learning objective.

Do you have any recommended 30 or 45-minutes meeting energizers?

Yes - we have a series of interactive and engaging team buildng activities ideal to schedule before, during, or after a meeting. Check out the Minefield, Tower of Hanoi, Ring Stack, or Weigh Order activities.

Do you have any short ice-breakers that are 15 minutes long or less?

Jump, Human Knots, Line me up, and Ball Sling Challenge are short ice breaker activities that are less than 15 minutes long.

I am planning a big meeting with 80+ attendees and I am looking for some fun activities in between - what do you recommend?

Our short team building activities can change the mood of an entire audience. We recommend at least four activities, scheduled before the start of the meeting, after coffee break, after lunch and at the end of the meeting. Please find more information under Meeting Energizer Package.

I want to completely wow or stun my meeting attendees, do something a bit crazy - what do you recommend?

We recommend our Drum Circle: this activity transcends all bounderies and attendees will lnever forget having attended this meeting!

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