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This fun outdoor team building and design activity asks teams to make a bamboo catapult and fire balls as far as possible.


In catapult, participants are divided into teams and receive limited resources to build a bamboo catapult which will fire balls over a distance.


First they need create their design then tie the pieces of bamboo together and make sure the structure is strong enough. Then they need to create a firing device out of rubber which is used to fire the balls into the air.


Teams have a chance to test their catapults and make adjustments before entering into the firing competition where they aim to fire 1 ball as far as possible.


This activity is great as part of an outdoor Team building in Hua Hin beach activity, sports day hurray or part of a survivor challenge event.


  • This activity is suitable for any group size divided into teams of 6 to 10 participants. Depending on the size of the venue, up to 10 teams can play at the same time.

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