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Domino Reaction

Collaborate with your colleagues to create a team Domino reaction


Domino Reaction is a fantastic indoor team building activity, designed for teams to collaborate to make a giant team domino reaction.


This great building & design event tests participants creativity, ingenuity and teamwork requiring each person to be involved throughout.


First teams are shown a video clip of a Domino reaction, this prompts them to think of ideas of how best to set up their design and assign roles on the group.


Next we set an icebreaker Domino pattern challenge, teams make a set design and tip it within 10 minutes. In the Icebreaker debrief we discuss how teams approached this activity, what challenges did they face and how they could improve on their teamwork by allocating roles.


The next part focuses on Domino integration, how to add to a simple layout bends, curves, figure of 8's, joins and splits.


Teams have 25 minutes to master these and must include 1 of each within their own team design.


In the competitive Domino race teams aim to tip their creation with the least breaks in the chain reaction, the winning team wins the right to begin the Giant Domino chain reaction event finale.


In the finale, team sets up part of a pre selected design which must join with the sections of the other teams. They have up to 75 minutes to layout their sections and collaborate with each team, to be ready for the finale where they see their one team creation come alive in a giant Domino Chain Reaction to remember!


This finale is wonderful to include company vision, mission, core values or a particular message for delegates to take away from this building & design team building event.

Domino Reaction

  • This Indoor team building activity is suitable for a group of 40 to 150 participants. 

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