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If I had authority

In this fun memory game, participants must put themselves into the shoes of the CEO and suggest changes to the organization in a hypostatical, and anything-goes-scenario.


This experiential learning and team building game is played in the same method as the famous children's game "I packed my bag an in it I put…" Participants must come up with a short statement of what they would change in their organization, and the next person must repeat the phrase of the first person and add on their own.


Because participants are in a safe environment, they are free to speak without fear of retribution or ridicule.


At the end of the activity, there will be 20 or 30 suggestions of things to change (as many as there are participants).


The management, if well prepared, should take note of the best suggestions and carry those forward to the list of changes that need to be discussed in their next leadership and change meetings.

If I had authority

  • In a team building and bonding workshop, or in the team cohesiveness workshop, the activity takes about 30 minutes for a group sized 15 to 20 participants. In a workshop focusing on organizational change, the most important suggestions should be written on the flip chart and discussed after the activity thus extending the activity duration to 90 minutes or two hours.

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