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Cardboard Boat Racing

In this planning and design team building activity, teams must build a boat from cardboard paper to support (carry) minimum  one person.


The cardboard boat building is an activity that fits many different program options. In case the time is short (90-minutes), teams must build a boat to carry at least one person, with minimum instructions and short debriefing.


It's purely a fun activity to pull the team together and the highlight, the race between teams is hysterically funny. Fun and team spirit is important and the learning takeaway is secondary.


Cardboard boat building can also be one activity station in a walk rally program. 


Cardboard boat building activity can also be part of a learning with fun program, an experiential learning program or as an exercise in a planning or creativity workshop.


If the object is organizational change, time requirement is 2-3 hours. Participants are introduced to the learning objective, play the activity with thorough supervision by a professional coach and debriefed in detail. 

Cardboard Boat Racing

  • The objective can be competitive while two or more teams compete with each other for the "best" boat, or it can be as a case study for collaboration, planning, creativity or organizational change skills.

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