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Angkor Wat Amazing Race by Bicycle

Enjoy an exciting Amazing Race adventure through Khmer history at Angkor Wat


Participants enjoy a half day cycling amazing race through the historic relics of temples and shrines around Angkor Wat. This event begins Preah Pithu, built in the 13th century for King Suryavarman II, this lesser visited Angkok temple is situated on a lovely plateau overlooking the Leper King terrace.


Here teams are briefed and handed a set of cryptic poems which they need to decipher and then match with the correct temples and monuments to find the locations on the Angkor map. They start by planing their route and strategize before cycling to each location to search and find answers to questions and complete team photo tasks.


Clue locations include Angkor Thom built in the 12th Century best known for its amazing  200 sandstone engraved faces monument, Ta Phrom, a temple entwined by giant trees and the infamous Angkor Wat which is the largest religious monument in the world.


Answers to questions are hidden in the carvings and structures at each location, only by solving the riddles and searching in their team will participants find and reveal the mysteries of Angkor and win the Amazing Race!


Follow the link for more information about Angkor Wat Amazing Race.

Angkor Wat Amazing Race by Bicycle

  • This adventure team building event is suited to small and mid sized groups from 20 to 60 participants

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