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Angkor Wat Amazing Race

Take this one in a lifetime opportunity to hold your team building event at the ancient Angkor temple.


This Amazing Race team building event is of special nature. Delegate are split into team and each team must decipher a cryptic poem before taking off on this exciting race.


Equipped with tuk-tuks and a driver, teams discover three of Siem Reap's most famous temples (Angkor Wat, Tha Prom & ) and must complete an ancient tale of kings and intrigues.


Along the way, teams must take group pictures of Cambodia's most famous landmarks, find picture clues, barter for Angkor souvenirs and be the firsts team to complete all challenges and return to the starting place.


This Amazing Race team building event usually starts and ends in the hotel's meeting room.


Follow the link for more information about our Angkor Wat Amazing Race.

Angkor Wat Amazing Race

  • While attending this race, teams pull together to decypier clues, learn about the rich history of the Khmer Empire and interact with locals along the way.

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