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Art Auction CSR with team building activity

Participants take part in a real life art auction of student arts and crafts


Art auction is a fabulous CSR team building activity whereby participants get to bid against each other for items made by school children with all proceeds going to the school.


Before the auction commences, participants get to view the lots on offer including hand made local handicrafts, framed pictures and hand painted ornaments Then they enter the auction room where by the auctioneer introduces each lot with a minimum bid before starting with the first item.


Participants have a fun bidding against real life auction style and the winning bid receives the item in person from the student which made the piece of art.


At the end if the activity, the total amount raised is announced and participants made the donation in person in the form of a mock check providing a fabulous photo opportunity and memory of the day.


Click following link for more information about CSR team building activities in Bangkok

Art Auction CSR with team building activity

  • This team building activity is suited for groups of 20 to 60 participants

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