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Back to school relay

Teams compete in a fun school days themed relay race with multiple fun team challenges.


Teams will be taken back to their school days in this fun themed relay race.


Teams race using different methods which include, sack racing, three-legged, piggy back, wheelbarrow, leading the blind, the human chair, egg and spoon race to reach the half way table. At the half way table participants face a team challenge which they need to complete before returning to their team.


Half way challenges include fun activities and puzzles such as banana eating, coke drinking, bursting a balloon with a sewing needle, paper cup stack attack, ping pong bounce, blindfold make up and more which need to be completed in a set order and must be finished before the next racer/s can continue.


The race continues until all half way challenges are completed. The team that completes the course first wins the Back to school days relay race!

Back to school relay

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